Madison and Leander

How They Asked

If you’ve ever been to Florence, AL then you know it is a beautiful place. One of my favorite places in my hometown area is McFarland Park. It is nestled along the beautiful Tennessee River and is perfect for relaxing Sunday afternoon. When I told Madison that I thought we should go get some ice cream and then walk around the park, she was excited. Our schedules were both so busy that we rarely got to have such casual “dates.” I went and picked Madison up, and we headed to Dairy Queen to get a blizzard. We headed to the park to enjoy our ice cream while walking around the park on a rainy day that just so happened to turn perfect when we arrived at the park! Little did Madison know that I had Keelan, our photographer, and Lizzie, Madison’s best friend, waiting at the park with cameras and video! We walked for a few minutes and then came to a rock that was perfect for sitting and looking across the river to the bluffs. Earlier in the day, I had placed a book I had created online beside the rock. We sat down, and I told Madison that I had a gift. I pulled out the book and read it to her. Each page had a memory of our illustrated on the left, words on the top that told her how much I loved those moments, and then the real-life picture from that moment on the next page. The front of the book actually had a stick man proposing, but she didn’t notice! When we got to the last page, the illustration asked Madison to marry me, and I got on a knee. Fortunately for me, she said yes! Then Keelan and Lizzie came out and took amazing photos and videos for us to forever cherish the moment. Finally, the last surprise of the night was that I told Madison that we were still going to dinner. However, we were really going to a venue that I had rented where all of our family and friends were waiting. We enjoyed the rest of the night with them, and we left so thankful for what was ahead of us.

Special Thanks