Madison and Kyle

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How We Met

Our story begins almost 12 years ago when I walked into Kyle’s 4th grade classroom to be introduced to the kids I would join come the start of 5th grade at Delphos St. John’s. He was sitting in the back of the classroom where I never saw him, but he claims I was all he could see. My family moved into town that August and quickly became friends with Kyle’s family. After many dinners and fun family get-togethers, Kyle and I quickly became very good friends. As the years went by we began to play the clarinet together in the school concert band where we were forced to sit next to one another everyday. Without my knowledge, he would tell you that was the best hour of his day. He was always the one I turned to when I needed a friend to talk to or a good laugh. All along my very best friend was right there in front of me and yet it took me almost 4 years to see it. The summer going into our freshman year was the turning point in our relationship and where I finally woke up to smell the roses. Not having seen him much over the summer our families had a BBQ and when he walked into my house the light bulb went off. I suddenly realized I wanted him to be more than just my best friend and that no one else could ever mean more to me than he does. We began texting and talking daily and after the McComb football game on November 19th, 2010 Kyle asked me to be his girlfriend. Since that day we have been together and withstood almost 4 years of long distance as our lives took us to two different colleges. Even through the many weeks at a time we spend apart, we have built a relationship that has given us each the ability to love and make more memories than either of us could have dreamed of and now on October 12, 2019 we get to take all of that into our next chapter in life.

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how they asked

July 5, 2017 started out like any other crazy day for Kyle and I. Early that morning he took me to drop my car off to the auto body shop and then we came back to my house to cook breakfast. Once we were done eating Kyle wanted to go back to his house to study for the day as we both were taking online summer classes and needed to work on them. When we got to his house I sat down and started talking to his mom with my back turned to him. After 40 minutes or so of us talking he started signaling to his mom to stop talking and started to convince me to take a walk with him in the woods behind his house. For us this is not totally unusual as we love to hike and go for walks. However that day it was warm and I was not totally up for it. Using his stubborn ways, he convinced me we needed to see his supposed new tree stand he would use for hunting this fall. I reluctantly agreed only because his mom said she had to get back to her cleaning. Walking back to the woods I knew something was up and thought this could be the day, but then thought he would make me wait longer or closer to my birthday. I then spotted a tree with caution tape on it and asked Kyle why someone put that there. He then started walking me towards the tree and that is when I spotted Rachel in the tree stand with camera in hand. By the time I saw her, then looked at the tree where Kyle has carved our initials, the date we started dating, today’s date, and then the date we picked for our wedding, I turned around and saw him down on one knee. He then asked me to marry him and I of course said yes! He then pulled out a ring box and opened it up to show me the most beautiful ring I had ever seen and Rachel caught the most perfect picture of my face at that moment. He then stood up and told me right after we started dating he carved my name in a tree behind his house to begin this plan of one day proposing to me there. Well with his luck that tree fell about two years later, so that is what led him to carving it all in the tree he did. He told me all of this as we walked back to his house to start calling and telling all of our families to mark down their calendars. Now we look forward to dancing the night away and becoming husband and wife.

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Special Thanks

Rachel Pohlman
 | Photographer