Madison and Justin

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how we met

Last November, Justin surprised his family with a 2 week visit from the Navy. Little did he know he would leave dating the girl he would one day marry. My twin sister Mackenzie introduced us, and when Justin came to pick me up I noticed that he wasn’t coming to the door. I waited a little bit then walked outside to see if everything was alright. After hugging each other I asked him why he didn’t come to the door. He tried telling me that he accidentally reversed into a pole at the gas station, but couldn’t utter the words because he was so nervous. After we left my house, he took me to his families barn. We rode horses, and looked at all the animals. The place was absolutely gorgeous, so I decided to FaceTime my mom to show her. When she answered, she instantly asked when the wedding date was. Justin then took me to their property, where we sat in his tailgate, talking for hours. He had told me that he waited a year and prayed for God to give him the right one. I then informed him that I had in fact also been praying for the right one. Then he kissed me, and told me that he had not kissed a girl for about a year now. Later that night we both shared that we had feelings for each other. When he picked me up the following morning he took me to meet his parents, and asked if he could see me again that same night.

When I got home early that afternoon, I wrote Justin a letter, that I would give to him the day he returned to the military. We spent our last night together sitting around a fire, sharing stories and future plans. As the night came to a close I asked him how he truly felt about me, and without hesitation, he told me, well I just love you. I was taken off guard by this, and I think he was too. Before the night ended he asked me to be his girlfriend, and of course I said yes. We loaded up in the truck, and I asked him if he could sing for me, and so he did. I was blown away he sounded like Josh Turner. The next morning we drove to the airport, where he met my parents, and we shared our first goodbye. I gave him my letter and told him to open it on the plane. As I gave it to him, I told him I loved him too. Then we kissed each other goodbye and parted ways. It was sad, but I just focused on seeing him again soon.

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how they asked

Justin was on a 3 month deployment for the Navy. At this point we had been together for 8 months. He told me that he would be coming home on July 28th for a week long visit. I couldn’t wait I was so ready to see him! He told me that during this deployment he wouldn’t have much service, but would try to his best to call me at each port. We talked on the phone 3 times and that was it. Little did I know this whole time he was planning our engagement. My twin sister Mackenzie worked at a jewelry store where Justin bought the ring. Justin bought a suit in Portugal, that he would wear on the night of the proposal. He bought me a dress and sent it overseas for me to wear that night as well. I had no idea that he was planning all this. He told his family that he had plans to come home on July 20th to buy the ring, ask my parents, and set up the proposal at the lake. On July 22nd the morning of the proposal Justin’s family and I went to Georgia to run a 5K. After the run, later that night my family and his family had plans to go eat at a restaurant on Compass Lake. As we were getting ready Justin’s little sister came into the room and gave me a dress to wear for dinner that night. I was not taken off guard by this because his family surprises me with clothes all the time. After we finished getting ready, Justin’s family said that before dinner we needed to take some food to the lake for a get together later on. This was not a shock at all either because we would do this all the time! When we got to the lake, I saw underneath the trees lights and someone standing at the end of the dock. I asked Justin’s mom if that was Justin, and jokingly she said I don’t know…

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When I got out of the car I saw my family all lined up leading up to the dock, and our favorite photographer Rock was there capturing the moment. As I started walking down to Justin I began to cry! I was so shocked I had no idea he was coming. When I got to Justin we held hands and he began to tell me how beautiful I looked, then he said that he never felt deserving of a girl like me.

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He said that he was in a dark place before he met me and that I was a light in the darkness, his angel sent from God. Then he said, “Madison Michelle Stream will you marry me?” I said yes of course! We kissed and cried and laughed, it was the best day of our lives.

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Special Thanks

Rock Sandretto
 | photographer