Madison and Justin

How We Met

We first started speaking online 5 years ago. I’m British, and Justin is Canadian so without having met yet it was every day all day phone calls, FaceTimes, constantly all day, every day. The time difference wasn’t stopping us. After over half a year of communication all day everyday for over half a year he became my best friend. I got on a plane and flew to Canada for the first time ever with two suitcases just to meet him.. I was so nervous when the pilot said ‘we are now landing in Kelowna’ (British Columbia) and suddenly wondered what on earth am I doing?!.. however when I walked out of the arrivals and see him running towards me with a smile ear to ear I knew then that this was it.. my nerves left my body and I was so genuinely happy and relaxed and felt like I was home.. we’ve been together ever since!

How They Asked

Justin surprised me with a weekend away at a beautiful resort & Spa (@SparklingHill) he’s always so thoughtful so him surprising me with that didn’t for one second make me wonder if he would propose there. He told me it’s a beautiful place so we can dress up for their dinners there and he took me to pick out a nice new dress, again he’s always so thoughtful so this wasn’t something out of the ordinary for him.. little did I know he was helping me pick out my engagement dress!

Being from England I knew he would one day have to be in England to meet with my Dad to ask for his daughter’s hand in marriage, I didn’t know he had already taken my dad out to ask him a few months ago while we were in an England visiting!

Marriage Proposal Ideas in British Columbia, Canada and Sparkling Hill Resort & Spa

We had a beautiful stay at Sparkling Hill, the views are incredible and it was such a lovely relaxing time, on the last night we dressed up for dinner again and I put on the dress he helped me to pick out earlier in the week, we walked from our room to a terrace overlooking the stunning lake views as the sun was setting, just like we had done during our stay there all weekend. There was a lady on the terrace taking photos of the landscape, I didn’t think twice about who she was other than just assuming she worked for the hotel and was taking photos of the beautiful view!.. however she is the wife and of a fellow Hockey Player that Justin is friends with (@alyssabeckphoto) who happens to be a professional photographer! I’d never met her before so I didn’t recognize who she was and to be honest I was busy twirling around on the terrace in my nice new dress under the sunset to pay attention to who else was around us haha.. so her and Justin knew exactly what was about to happen, she offered to take photos of us and would email them to us, again I assumed she must work for the hotel and that this is completely normal.. I was thrilled somebody would be able to take some nice photos for us however I didn’t realize that when Justin held my waist from behind me and said softly ‘Madi…’ that I would turn around to him on one knee holding my left hand so tightly, shaking and holding my dream ring in his other hand! Alyssa was capturing the entire moment as it all happened!

Proposal Ideas British Columbia, Canada and Sparkling Hill Resort & Spa

To be honest I didn’t even look at the ring until around 15minutes after the proposal. I was just in complete and utter genuine shock and overwhelming happiness from what was happening! I’m so thankful that he arranged for @alyssabeckphoto to be there to capture the actual, real, genuine moments.

From taking my Dad out in England to ask to marry his daughter, surprising me with a weekend together at @sparklinghill , arranged for our dog sitter/trainer @pawsandeffect to look after our dog all weekend so we didn’t have to worry, secretly helping me to pick out a dress that would actually be my engagement dress, designing and had my dream ring made for me months ago, arranging for @alyssabeckphoto to be there to capture the exact moment, he planned everything so perfectly all in the area I flew to in Canada to first meet him almost 5 years ago, it all happened so beautifully. I was genuinely in shock and sheer joy, I could not have dreamed for a better way to say yes to my best friend ?

Special Thanks

Sparkling Hill resort & Spa
 | @sparklinghill They helped Justin arrange the most perfect weekend stay at their resort & spa!