Madison and Jacob

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How We Met

My name is Jacob Christian Taylor and I am just your everyday guy who was lucky enough to win the heart of an angel. My story is now, because of her, a great and beautiful one. This story begins in high school. I wish I could say that she has been mine since freshmen year and I ended up marrying my high school sweet heart just a few short years after graduation, but that is not my story. Instead I spent 4 years in high school with her and only talked to her maybe once. It was an awkward exchange while she was waiting for her friend next to my locker. I thought she was gorgeous, of course, but I never would have imagined that she would be into a guy like me and I never ever would have imagined that she would be the girl I would one day marry.

After high school, I began my EMT and firefighting classes. After completing my first year, I started working at a local hospital. One particular day, I transported a very pleasant gentleman to get his scan and when I brought him back up to his room, there she was. I think I froze; I fumbled a hello and suddenly forgot how to work a hospital bed. As it turned out, the patient was her grandfather. Initially I must admit, her outer beauty made my heart skip a beat, but as the weeks went on I thought of how she had been staying with and taking care of her grandfather and I longed for a girl like that. I longed for a girl with that inner beauty that is so forgotten in our world today. I have worked many hospital shifts and yes, family comes and goes, but there she was at her grandfather’s bedside.

You see, a couple years back I lost my grandfather who was very close to my heart. I would have done anything to save him or just to get to sit next to his bedside one more time. Many people my age take their family for granted and the precious time we have with them in this world, but not her. I have always hoped I would find someone who would value family the way that I did. She was all I could think about as the weeks went on. I was desperate to make a better second impression. A few weekends later, we happened to run into each other at a mutual friend’s party and she came up to talk to me for a while! I don’t know that that impression was much better, as I forgot to ask her for her phone number before my friends pulled me away to go to another party.

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The next day as I was telling my mom about my encounters with her and my frustration that I didn’t get her phone number… she texted me. She explained that she got my phone number from a mutual friend and she wanted to know if I wanted to go to dinner with them before he returned to school. I, of course, said yes. After that, one thing led to another and before I knew it I was head over heals, completely falling for this girl. Madison is gorgeous with her dark hair, green eyes and a smile that could light up your world. Beyond that she is the most kind-hearted person I have ever met. I think today it is very easy to become jaded by our world, but not her. Having both worked in a healthcare setting, she is the type of person that would let herself continue to feel the pain and sadness of others rather than become hardened by the suffering going on around us constantly. That quality is truly a rarity in this day and age. I am lucky to love her. So it didn’t take me long to realize that this is the type of person that I want to spend the rest of my life with!

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how they asked

We had been dating a little over two years and I asked her father and mother for their blessing to ask Madison to marry me. They said yes, I bought a ring in July, and my proposal planning was in full swing. Madison loves everything about weddings and has seen pretty much every proposal video on the Internet so surprising her was not going to be an easy task. I knew I had to find the perfect location for it so I reached out to our family friends at Jeff Dow Photography and quickly knew this would be the perfect place. Then I had to have the rest of the details figured out including hiring a professional photographer, inviting some friends there as to not make it too suspicious, and adding personalized touches to the event. Going to Disneyland has always been one of our favorite trips to take together so I sent an artist, Wendy Hoag, pictures from our relationship and had her redraw them so they looked like Disney pictures.

Madison's Proposal in Jeff Dow Photography

She did a wonderful job of capturing the essence of our relationship and with that, the art for the show was ready. Now came the challenge of making it all a surprise. Many months prior, I had my sister text Madi to say she had an art show to go to after my cousins’ wedding that day and she was her plus one for it. Knowing my sister has many parties to go to, this was not unusual and then I knew she would be dressed for the occasion. Around the time I began planning the proposal, I had just moved to South Dakota for school and she was still in Nevada to finish her last year of undergraduate study so we were doing the long distance thing unfortunately, but this was the perfect opportunity to make it a surprise. I told Madi that my flight home for Christmas break was on Sunday, December 11th around noon and that she could pick me up from the airport.

However, little did she know that I had sent her a fake itinerary and that I was already back in Reno three days before that! After remaining incognito for two days, it was finally the day I was going to ask her to marry me. After all of our friends and family had shown up and hidden in the back room, it was time for my sister to bring Madi to the studio. After walking in and seeing her (very nervous) friends, she was quickly taken into another room to see “the art” exhibit.

As she turned the corner, the pictures were displayed in front of her but it took her a moment to realize what was going on. After seeing the pictures for a few seconds, she turned around to ask what was going on and that is when I walked from behind a curtain towards the love of my life and she knew what was going on. Because we hadn’t seen each other in almost four months, she was in complete shock.

After hugging and her crying for about a minute, I got down on one knee and asked her to marry me and she said yes! She immediately bent down to hug me and had completely forgotten about the ring. It wasn’t until a few seconds later that I asked her if she wanted to see the ring! Once the ring was on her finger, we turned around and all of our friends and family had come out of hiding to surprise her and we had a professional photo shoot right then and there.

It was the most perfect day because everything went off without a hitch and most importantly she was completely surprised! Throughout our relationship we have always talked about what a blessing that day at the hospital was without us even knowing it at the time and we cannot wait to see what God has in store for us as we begin this next chapter of our lives together!

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