Madison and Harrison

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Keystone, CO

How We Met

We met at Mississippi State University during freshman year. I was talking to a friend in the hall of the Pike house as we were looking at the composite. I was talking about how I met everyone except for a guy named Harrison. My friend then said, “well he’s right there if you want to meet him.” Well Harrison and I locked eyes… and he came downstairs, slid in between us and said “hey, I’m Harrison McBride”!! It was love at first sight, to be honest. But he told me he liked one of my friends… I told her that you either date him or I will LOL.

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Keystone, CO

How They Asked

Well, I kinda screwed up his plan, but on accident! He originally wanted to ask me in Vail because his friend could video and take pictures of the proposal. But I didn’t want to go to Vail because there was a snowboarding tournament. I wanted to take a picture in Keystone on top of the mountain on one of the ski lifts. We rode the gondola up and found someone who wanted us to take their picture.

Well, I asked her if she could take ours. She took our picture on the lift and gave me back my phone. Harrison asked her if she could take one more with the mountain behind us. She somehow knew to video it without him even asking her! It was perfect. I couldn’t even tell you what he said at the moment because I was hyperventilating LOL but it was perfect and the best moment of my life!!

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