Madison and Grayson

How We Met

Grayson hates when I tell the real story of how we met — but I don’t think it’s THAT bad! I went to Arizona State my first two years of college and lived on the west coast, but after my sophomore year I decided to transfer to Clemson University in South Carolina. The summer in between ASU and Clemson I lived at home in California at my parent’s. A few weeks before Grayson and I started talking I was at the beach with my best friend and we were having silly girl talk as always. She asked me to describe my perfect guy… I said someone sweet, funny, tall… but not just kinda tall… REALLY tall, someone who loved their family more than anything… the list went on and was SO specific. My “dream guy”. Someone you pray for but never think you’d actually meet. I remember it like it was yesterday, I was blow drying my hair and this really cute guy followed me on Twitter and Instagram.

Of course I stalked his pictures and before I knew it he sent me a message on twitter. He had seen that I was moving to South Carolina and saw me tweet at a mutual friend! Crazy! Since then we’ve text all day everyday since… Grayson plays minor league baseball and at the time was playing in Florida. We text, facetimed, all that stuff for a month before I headed to South Carolina. When I got there I took a leap of faith and decided I needed to meet this man in person. I booked a flight and headed to Florida. Right off the bat it was as if I’d known him forever. As crazy as it sounds it felt as if God had answered my prayers because he was my “dream guy” to a tee. We started dating and two years later here we are!

how they asked

During baseball season I visit Grayson as much as I can and with about a month left of the season he suggested I plan another trip because he had an off day. Sunday after his day game in Pennsylvania we headed to Niagara Falls. We had visited the Falls last season and they were so pretty so I was really excited! When we got there and parked it was a completely different spot than we had gone to last year so I was excited to explore. As we walked out of the parking garage Grayson said we should walk through the garden across the way… which was definitely not something he’d usually say so I was a little suspicious!

When we walked in I was in awe because it was so pretty and we stopped with a perfect view of the Falls when he got down on one knee and popped the question! I started jumping up and down literally! I was SO excited and happy!

Proposal Ideas Niagara Falls, Canada

When I turned around I saw a photographer who had been hidden and taking pictures of the whole thing. Grayson hates pictures and I always make him take a bunch so I was impressed he’d think of hiring someone. We then took an engagement photo-shoot! It was the most perfect day ever!