Madison and Dylan

How We Met

Dylan and I went on our first date when we were only sixteen BUT kept each other in the friend zone for the rest of high school. Right as our senior year was ending there was a spark though! We dated for about a month until he left on a 2 year LDS mission in Florida. A lot of handwritten letters, packages, and emails led up to his return in summer 2018. Things picked right back up and we knew we loved each other after a visit to Florida together and a semester at school. Looking back on the 4 years of life experiences we’d had together, with each other or apart, led us to realize we wanted to go through all of life together! In our opinion, “you don’t find your soulmate, you make your soulmate.”

December 1, 2018, was one of the many days that made Dylan my soulmate!

How They Asked

We’d talked about getting married for about 2 months so I was definitely expecting him to propose any time! A few days before the proposal, Dylan told me that we should visit his aunt that lives a few cities away to bring her flowers because she was “not doing well” (she’s 100% ok). The day before he proposed I suggested going to Trader Joes to get them but he insisted that we go to Foxglove, a super cute local flower boutique. I had some suspicions and daydreamed about the exact plan that he brought to life on the morning of the proposal. After setting the whole scene up with the help of our friends while I thought he was at the gym, he came and picked me up.

Proposal Ideas Foxglove Flowers, Provo, UT

I gave up the daydream when I walked into Foxglove and didn’t see anything out of the ordinary. I completely missed our friend standing discreetly outside keeping watch and the giant projector screen along with the couch set up right in the middle of Foxglove! Dyl told the worker that we needed her to put together a little bouquet and she said in the meantime we could watch a “promotional video” for the shop. I still sensed nothing out of the ordinary and went to sit on the couch. I even noticed that the projector was ours but stayed gullible, pointing it out that “we had the same one!”

Dylan pressed play on a video he made with tons of pictures and videos of our trips and dates. My initial thought was that the wrong phone was plugged in or something because it was US on the screen instead of flowers but 2 seconds later it all clicked! I hardly remember any part of the video because I was too busy kissing him and shouting either “BABE!?” or “I KNEW IT!”

He got down on one knee and after lots of kisses and a big YES I reached to put the ring on my own finger. I don’t think he’ll ever stop teasing me about this. I was just so eager to finally have my ring! We’ve waited a long time for each other and I’m so excited to finally be able to call him my fiancé (but even more excited for when I can call him my husband obviously!) He exceeded all of my hopes for what my proposal would be like and surprised me with a ring even more beautiful than the one I expected.

Madison and Dylan's Engagement in Foxglove Flowers, Provo, UT

Special Thanks

Corbin Ballard
 | Videographer
 | Planning