Madison and Drew

Where to Propose in Kiepersol Winery

How We Met

I met Drew when I was 20 years old at Texas A&M University, and I pretty much knew the night of our first date he would one day be my husband. Funny enough, our paths crossed several times before we formally met, which is crazy on a campus with over 60,000 college students. We found out, later on, we had a history class together my freshman year, and attended several of the same events but never talked to each other. However, he knew who I was from a few guy friends who I was also friends with, and seeing me at those events. Apparently Drew had his eye on me for a while, but he wanted to wait for a natural and good time to make his move! At the end of 2014, our mutual friend Blair introduced us to each other at a semi-formal event. She was his date (just as friends) and I was there with another guy friend. Drew took a photo of Blair and me together, and that was it. Nearly a month later when I was home for Christmas break Blair text me saying she had a friend who was interested in getting to know me better, and it was him! When we went back to school for the spring semester we all went out bowling one night and reconnected, but he didn’t get my phone number or make his move. Coincidentally a couple of weeks later he hosted a super bowl watch party to have some friends over, including Blair and me. Turns out that the whole party was planned to spend more time with me! Over the next couple of weeks, we continued to hang out more and he began taking me on dates, the rest was history! We knew pretty early on we would eventually get married, Over the last 4 and a half years he has patiently waited on me as I pursued my lifelong dreams and has been my rock through the highest of highs and lowest of lows that life has brought. Drew has shown me every day all these years what true, genuine love looks like, and has pursued my heart in the most beautiful way. I know life with him will never be boring and that I’ll always have the most dependable and loving guy by my side.

How They Asked

On the morning of Friday, August 30, I woke up like any other school day and got ready for work. I’ll be honest, it was the end of the second week of school, and I was BEAT (I teach and love Kindergarten, but the first couple of weeks are draining as we get adjusted to everything!) Drew was at my house the night before watching the Aggie game with my family, and I fell asleep on the couch before the end of the first half. Thursday was a particularly hard day for me, so I was really looking forward to Friday and the refreshment of a long weekend. Once I was dressed and ready, I went to the kitchen to grab a few leftovers for lunch before heading out to Starbucks for a Friday morning treat. As I was pulling a couple of things out of the pantry, my mom looked at me and said “you might want to read that before you start all that” pointing to a piece of paper sitting on the kitchen counter by my purse. I hadn’t noticed it when I walked in. The note was a sweet message from Drew that ended by saying to not pack a lunch or grab my usual Friday Starbucks coffee because I would have visitors and treats throughout the day. It also said to try and be home around 4:00 PM, because Drew knows me well and knows I’m usually at the school until 5 or later working. I almost immediately knew that it was most likely going to be the day I got engaged but didn’t want to get too excited for fear that I would get my hopes up. But deep down I knew.

So I got in my car and headed to school! I was super early because usually, I would be leaving time on a Friday to go to Starbucks, but today I just headed to the school. There was the most beautiful sunrise, and I knew it was going to be a great day! On the drive there I caught myself with my mouth wide open. Even though I knew what was coming it still felt very surreal. It also suddenly dawned on me why Paula (Drew’s mom) was asking for Starbucks recommendations earlier in the week for herself… turns out she was one of Drew’s spies.

I got to work and immediately started trying to get things done so I could leave at 4. Right before the bell rang for students to come in, in walked my sweet brother-in-law, Daniel, with my first pumpkin spice latte of the season!

Around 10:00, Drew’s cousin Avery and his aunt Kim brought the most beautiful sunflowers to my door! The kids were SO excited about the delivery, but had no idea what was going on!

During my conference period at noon, Drew’s sister Haley and her husband Rob brought my favorite chicken salad for lunch. Poor things, it was probably the most awkward lunch of their lives because I didn’t mention anything about what was going on and no one knew if we should talk about it we just avoid the elephant in the room… which we did… lol!

Right before it was time to pack up and send kids home, I had my second flower delivery! One of our school employees brought them down to my room and the kids once again were so excited that I had a secret admirer! The note with the flowers was from my sweet friend Anjelica!

When school let out I headed straight home and came home to my room magically cleaned by someone and my dad, Morgan, and Baker, and Mallory all there. Morgan and Mallory loaded me up in the car and we went to our favorite place to get nails done.

Once I got home from getting our nails done a dress was laying on my bed with a note telling me to be ready at 6:30 from my mom. I started getting ready and about 30 mins later my childhood best friend, Natalie walked into my bathroom. Natalie drove from Fairfield and sat with me as I got ready. Once I was ready, my other childhood best friend, Meagan, arrived from Dallas! During all of this a torrential downpour came, the first rain I think we had in all of August! I was told to bring a change of shoes just in case.

Madison's Proposal in Kiepersol Winery

At right around 6:30 our doorbell rang and it was Drew’s two best friends since he was a kid, Jimmy and Keaton. We got into Jimmy’s truck and he drove me to the mystery location. Thankfully the rain stopped and there was the most beautiful rainbow on our drive there. Perfect timing :)

Proposal Ideas Kiepersol Winery

We arrived at Kiepersol, a beautiful winery just outside of Tyler. I had only been there once before with Drew earlier in the spring when we were celebrating 4 years of dating. Jimmy pulled up to the vineyard and walked me down to the row where Drew was standing at the end. I walked down, met him, he asked, and I said yes! It was so beautiful and sweet and one of the happiest moments of my life! The rain cleared up just in time for Drew to be able to propose in his planned spot under a beautiful tree in the vineyard. After he proposed, we took some pictures with our sweet friend Hannah Gill. Afterward, we sat and had a drink together with the most beautiful sunset.

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Kiepersol Winery

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Kiepersol Winery

We then headed back to town back to my house. When we walked in, all of our friends and family were there waiting for us to celebrate! We had food, drinks, and celebrated the long-time-coming together. It was absolutely PERFECT. Having all of the people I love most in the world all together was so special, and Drew and our families really went above and beyond in the entire proposal and party. More on the after-party coming next week!

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Kiepersol Winery

So there it is! Our engagement was everything I hoped for and more. What I think made the day so special is how much thought Drew put into it. He made me feel so loved and special not just when he proposed, but throughout the day. Family is really important to me, so having them all be a part of the day was so sweet. It was a day I’ll never forget! I can’t wait to marry and spend every day forever with Drew Evans!

Madison and Drew's Engagement in Kiepersol Winery

Special Thanks

Hannah Gill
 | Photographer