Madison and Devin

Image 1 of Madison and Devin
How We Met: After seeing me out one night, he looked me up on Facebook and asked for my number. I knew him from highschool so there was no real need for an introduction! He asked me on our first date to the filming of his friend Cory Marquardt’s country music video, where we hit it off. He knew my country music weakness and played it to his advantage.

how they asked: My parents gave us a piece of land, we are now building our dream home on it just down road or a 10 minute trail walk away from them. This house means the world to us, my dad and brothers are building our dream from the ground up. From the time we put the first shovel in the ground I said once the house was closed in, that I wanted to have a sleepover. So I planned our first night for the long weekend. On our walk over that night, all along the trail from my parents there were envelopes stapled to trees. Numbered 1-10 I opened them as we crossed them. Inside each one was something he loved about me (I teared up when he said one day I’ll be a great mom). The last one was stapled up to the wall in our soon to be master bedroom. After opening it he got down on one knee and popped the question. For the first time in our relationship he surprised me (I’m a planner). So many emotions and sentiment went into this proposal and he pulled it off!! Now we aren’t only building our dream house, but building a beautiful life together! I cannot wait to marry my best friend!!