Madison and Dalton

How We Met

We met both met in high school it was my sophomore year his junior year. Both of our moms unknowingly said we would be good for each other. So he got one of my friends to ask if I could ever see us dating and with after a little convincing we started dating. Throughout our high school days we stayed together and once we went off to college we decide to do the long distance relationship. We have been doing that for 4 years out of 5 and Dalton just a year ago moved even further away to Lansing, Michigan (which is 3 hours from me) to pursue his dream of sportscasting for Michigan State University basketball. We can’t wait until June 2018 and we can finally be in the same location!

Madison's Proposal in Michigan State University

Proposal Ideas Michigan State University

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Michigan State University

how they asked

It was the day after my 21st birthday and Dalton got tickets to the Michigan State vs. Michigan basketball game for my birthday. Dalton is a basketball broadcaster for Michigan State so it was nothing out of the ordinary. He invited some of his family and my family because it was a big rivalry. Throughout the game it was back and forth between Michigan State vs. Michigan, but Michigan State pulled it out and got the win! After the game we went down to see Dalton and talk with him after the game.

Where to Propose in Michigan State University

Before I knew it I was being pulled out to the middle of the basketball court and he was down on one knee asking me to marry him. He played a song by George Strait called “Check Yes or No” and had a sign for me to check yes or no to the proposal. It was a great moment to share with all our family and it made it even sweeter that Michigan State won!

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