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How We Met

I had only been to the Dirty Bourbon several times. My prior experience included guys who were either too (ahem) inebriated to dance, or just didn’t know how. So when Dale asked me to dance, I was hesitant, but he was so sweet about it that I said yes. He turned out to be a really great dancer and was the FIRST guy at Dirty Bourbon that knew how to take the lead. We exchanged numbers that night and I specifically remember a text he sent me that night that said that I was “the first girl who reminded him of home in Texas.” I was completely smitten, because I have had a soft spot in my heart for Texas, and the culture of Texas, for a couple years.

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We had our first coffee date at Starbucks, and that was when he completely impressed me. I loved that he was just as interested in succeeding in life as I was, whether it be through academic and career success, or working out and eating right. He showed me pictures of his family and I remember thinking that his sister was basically a model and his family was picture-perfect. We went on several dates to Elephant Bar and Texas Roadhouse, one thing led to another, and I fell head over heels in love. One of my journal entries even says, “I fell in love with my future husband this weekend.” We went dancing together almost every weekend when we first met! It’s still one of our favorite things to do together.

Time passed and we grew closer each day, spending time with my family in Albuquerque, making trips to Houston to see his family, and going to Panama City Beach, Florida with his family. I immediately connected with his family, especially his sister Holly, who seemed to be the sister I never had.

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In August of 2014, he went to live in Houston with his family and start his schooling which started our long-distance relationship. Every day was a struggle, but he always knew how to make me feel loved and special, whether through meaningful texts, love notes, or special gifts in the mail. He decided to spend his Christmas break with me in Albuquerque, and his mom said, “I haven’t spent Christmas with my boys in SO long!” which spurred his family to make a trip to Roswell, NM to see Dale’s brother Joey and his wife Alyssa, and then to come up to Albuquerque the next day.

We decided to take them to Tucanos Brazilian Grill for dinner, and the two entire families were there – my mom, my two brothers, his mom and dad, his brother and his brother’s wife, and his sister and his sister’s boyfriend. I kept saying all night, “It is SO nice to have everyone together in one place!” Afterward, we all went to the Dirty Bourbon (except my two younger brothers). Dale and I love to two step together, so we enjoyed dancing to our favorite songs, and I also enjoyed watching him and my mom dance together. Brice, Holly’s boyfriend, asked me to dance to the song “Chicken Fried”, and we just laughed the whole time because we kept messing up. (Little did I know, this was the cue song that was to play before the proposal!) Then after it was over, the DJ asked the floor to be cleared for Dale & Madison. I was really confused, but I assumed it was a special dance for us because it was really special for our families to be spending Christmastime together. All of a sudden he was down on one knee and the entire bar erupted in hoots and hollers. I was stunned to see such a wonderful man down on one knee asking me to marry him, with the most beautiful ring in hand. He put it on my finger, and I realized that Holly was standing right next to us with a camera, recording the whole thing. We slow danced to “One of Those Nights” by Tim McGraw, and every time I glanced down at my left hand, I started crying even more. We finished the song with him dipping me backwards and planting a kiss on my lips, and I was in heaven. I can’t wait to marry my best friend. He is the best thing that’s ever happened to me, and I am excited to spend our lives together.

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