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How We Met

Madison’s Version: “I found him whom my soul loves!” Song of Solomon 3:4

The story of Connor and I has been a crazy, imperfect, adventurous and beautiful ride- and to think… it’s just the beginning! How cool is that?!? Our story isn’t like most because we live over 1300 miles apart and I can’t help but think that only God could bring our hearts that are perfectly designed for each other together. Okay on to how this all happened! The craziest part of this story is that somehow Con and I became friends on Facebook years ago and completely missed each other. It wasn’t until he saw me sing at a local church he attended that he put two and two together. Connor realized that he had in fact known me for years because he attended third grade with my older brother. He saw my mom out in the lobby and remembered that she was his homeroom mom in third grade. When he realized this, he looked me up on Facebook and bantered back and forth on whether to message me or not since he knew he lived in California and I lived in good ol’ Oklahoma! I mean who really WANTS to do long distance, right?!? And if you knew me prior to Con, you would have laughed at the thought of me thinking about being in a long distance relationship.

But, I was lucky enough to receive a message on May 31, 2016 telling me he would be in town for a wedding and that he would love to take me on a “date”. He literally told me that he expected no reply. I called my parents and was so excited because there was just something special about this guy. Now here’s where it gets interesting! Before I could even reply, my brother Zach, who has special needs and remembered Connor from Jenks messaged him and said, “I approve you dating my little sister”. Oh my goodness! In my head I thought, “well, I just blew my chances with this guy, how embarrassing is this!” If you know Connor, you know that he pursues me endlessly, every single day with an unrelenting love and that my chances were not blown. Nothing would get in the way of that pursuit. So, of course Connor continued pursuing me. That weekend in Tulsa was one I will never forget. It was one of the best weekends of my life and then he had to go back to California. Connor brought out the very best in me and needless to say, that June goodbye was not an easy one.

It was in the church parking lot that I had to say goodbye not knowing if I would ever see this incredible guy again due to the distance and not being in a relationship yet. I mean we had only spent part of 3 days together – how would it ever work? Well, it did and we stayed in contact over the phone and Facetime for 4 months. We saw each other again in October when I flew to California for the Marine Corps ball and then came back to Tulsa for 2 weeks of leave. We got to spend 3 weeks together and my love for Connor grew every single day. I wanted to know more and more about who he was and how this man would choose me. I’d never seen a person who loved Jesus like he does and treated me with complete respect saving our first kiss for engagement day! We made it through 6 months of deployment with minimal communication (although he had letters and presents that he prepared ahead of time that I got often during that time! J), weeks of training exercises with no communication and much more. If this isn’t destiny, I don’t what is. I could go on for years but I’ll get to the point.

Madison's Proposal in Tulsa, Oklahoma

Connor’s Version: So this is how the story unfolded through my eyes…. I was 5 months into my contract as a United States Marine going through rigorous Infantry Training Battalion Schoolhouse in California. There is a lot of standing by when we are not training so I found myself aimlessly swiping through Facebook posts when I came across a picture with golden balloons in the shape of the number 21. It was Madison’s 21st birthday and she was cuuuuute on the outside so I had to do some Facebook “researching” (stalking) to make sure the insides lined up. She was a Jesus lover, loved her family and friends and was passionate about life! Come to find out, the last name Webber just so happened to be the same last name as Zach’s who I met in 3rd grade, which in my mind may have helped. Everything seemed to check out. Next step: contact… I gathered a few suggestions on how to reach out to sweet Madison Rae.

Finally, I came to a reasonable conclusion – message her through Facebook. I was nervous, what do I say? So I just wrote down the first thing that came to my mind and prayed about if I should send the message or not. I kid you not – the very next day she liked. one. of. my. pictures. on Facebook. I knew at that moment that was God’s sign to me saying, “green light” so I sent the message. Shortly after sending it, much to my surprise, Zach messaged back instead of Madison. I then realized that everyone and her dogs probably knew (RIP Lily and Bandit) . Madison relieved all stress when I got a reply from her saying she would take me up on my offer to go on a date. A few weeks later, I found myself back in Oklahoma trying to pump myself up to officially meet her parents, Melissa and Kurt, for the first time. I’d say asking permission to take their daughter out on a date was a huge stepping-stone in building our foundation. Next thing I know I was unbuckling my seatbelt, opening the door to my car, taking a piece of 5 gum along with a deep breathe and walking up the sidewalk to Madison’s condo to meet her for the first time.

As I was walking up to her condo she came walking down the opposite direction towards me. I looked up and we locked eyes and Boom! (Cue Song “I Just Died In Your Arms Tonight by Cutting Crew”) It was dark outside but I’m almost certain she was radiating some type of light. It must have been that smile. I’m also pretty sure the neighbors at the Condo Complex were using fans to make her hair blow like in the movies. I had all these things I wanted to say to her and when she got to me my mind and body shut down into a pile of mush. As I’m writing this I can still picture it like it was yesterday. She was and is incredible. Our first time in Tulsa together was a brief 3 days, but the Marine Corps Ball was coming up and I knew this very well might be the last chance I’d get to see her before my 6-month deployment. Unlike the 3 days in Tulsa, we would now have 3 weeks together. In those 3 weeks we attended the Marine Corps ball, took our first picture together, went to Hollywood, flew back to Tulsa, road tripped to Texas, and made many more treasured memories. In between all the magic happening, there was a moment I will never forget as long as I live. Nothing on the outside was out of the ordinary. She was sitting down on a normal day and I glanced over at her. She wasn’t even paying attention. She was looking forward and as I was going to look away from her something inside of me drew me to look at her one more time. This time was different. There was no music playing, just the sound of my own heart beat and I realized I was looking at my wife. I don’t know how to explain it perfectly, but I just knew. Everything I am and everything I will be will be Madison’s and I had to prepare myself to be the man she deserves. From that moment on, I continued to pursue God and He has made the distance not seem so far, the sacrifice not seem so bad, the big picture be much more clear, the time together much more cherished and the love that much fuller. Here’s to what God holds in our next chapter of life!

how they asked

Madison: On September 3rd, 2017 Connor asked me to be his wife and it was the easiest YES I’ve ever had. The rest is history and we absolutely cannot wait for all of you to join us on April 7, 2018 and want to thank you for investing in both Connor and I in some way over the years. Cheers to all 2018 has in store!!!

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Connor: After a long scavenger hunt riddled with intricate and sentimental details of our relationship; she was finally led to me, where I would make her my forever.

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