Madison and Chase

How We Met

Chase and I met back in high school when I was at softball practice and Chase stopped by for a visit. He came by the field to visit his old football coach who was also my varsity softball coach. My coach then made an offer to me that if Chase and I raced to the foul pole and back and I won, that the team would get out of practice for the day. So we raced, and I WON! Chase is very stubborn and doesn’t like losing, so ever since that race he always wanted to get to know me more. We talked off and on through facebook for the next few months when one day Chase told me that he was coming into town for a visit and would like to take me out on a date that weekend. I accepted and we ended up spending every day of that weekend together and have been inseparable ever since. We moved in with each other just 6 months later and began our first chapter in our very own fairytale! It has been 6 years since then, and we continue to grow together and fall in love with each other more and more each day!

Image 1 of Madison and Chase

how they asked

Chase proposed in Las Vegas on February 26th 2016 as we were celebrating our 6 year anniversary. We went out to Flemings steakhouse and enjoyed the best dinner we have ever had! After dinner, a shuttle picked us up from our hotel and drove us to the private section of the airport. I knew at this point that we were going to be taking a helicopter tour which is something I had been wanting to do since our Kauai trip earlier that year. What I didn’t know, is that in the sky that night, my life would change forever.

Image 2 of Madison and Chase

As we were in the air looking over the Las Vegas city lights, Chase leaned over to me and asked me to spend the rest of my life with him and do him the honor of becoming his wife. Of course, I said yes and as Chase was putting the ring on my finger, he told me that he custom made the ring to include my mom’s diamond from her wedding ring so that she could always be a part of our marriage even though she had passed away 9 years prior! He also told me at this point while we were gliding through the night sky, that he wanted to propose in the sky so that we could be as close to my mom as possible for this once and a lifetime experience!

Image 3 of Madison and Chase

We cried together, we kissed one another, and we vowed that night to spend the rest of our lives together loving one another unconditionally forever!

Image 4 of Madison and Chase