Madison and Caleb


How We Met

Caleb and I first met when I was 13 years old. We were both freshman in high school and I had just moved from Michigan to Oregon and didn’t really know anyone. The funny story is when Caleb and I first met. I was at a dance and I was introduced to two people at different time who looked very similar but had different names, so at first I was a little confused.


At the end of the night when I was waiting to get picked up to go home a group of my new friends and I were standing around talking. As I was looking around at the people around me I realized that there were two people who looked exactly alike and then I found out they were identical twins! So the night I met my future fiance I found out he was a twin!


After that night Caleb and I realized we had a few classes together and became inseparable that year. But sadly at the end of my freshman year my family decided to move to Utah and I was absolutely broken that I had to leave Caleb. That year in Utah was hard but amazingly I was able to go back to school in Oregon for my junior and senior year of high school and the minute I saw Caleb again I just knew I had to be with him.


The next day he asked me out on our first date and as the say the rest is history! Our first date was about eight hours long because he had never taken anyone out on a date before! (Fun fact: I am the only girlfriend he has ever had and I was his first kiss!)


After high school we have had to part ways and he joined the United States Air Force and I currently study at the University of Oregon, but the long distance for the past year and a half hasn’t stopped us!!


how they asked

Caleb is in the U.S. Air Force and is currently stationed at Hill Air Force Base in Utah. Which conveniently is an hour from where my family lives in Park City, Utah. I came home from break and we went to my house to go see my family. Caleb suggested that we should go take pictures that day since it was a beautiful sunny day with snow still on the ground. He wanted to go to an overlook where we had taken pictures two years before. The view from the top of the mountain was absolutely gorgeous!! We were just taking pictures and then all of a sudden he got down on one knee in the snow and asked me to be his!



He told me I was his best friend and that he wanted to be with me forever! I was so overjoyed that he had to ask me again if my answer was a yes, and of course it was! I cannot wait to spend forever with my best friend!!