Madison and Brennan

Proposal Ideas Incline Village, Lake Tahoe

How We Met

Funny story, we actually met through my brother! They were both playing college baseball together and Brennan had asked my brother to introduce us after seeing me at their games. There were a few occasions we could have met, but my brother “forgot” to introduce us (and I had no idea about this). I was asked to photograph a charity game the college players were going to and my brother picked me up on the way to the game. Little did I know, Brennan was in his truck too. We finally met that day and the rest is history!

Where to Propose in Incline Village, Lake Tahoe

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Incline Village, Lake Tahoe

Where to Propose in Incline Village, Lake Tahoe

How They Asked

Our family had planned an end of the summer trip to Tahoe to stay in a cabin for the weekend before my brother went back to college. We were all so excited to have a weekend away together and at the lake. We went to a concert on Friday night down the street from the house and everything seemed just like normal. Before going to bed my mom said she wanted to go to a nice brunch the next morning & to make sure to get ready. Nothing unusual. We got ready in the morning and headed out to one of our favorite spots, Lone Eagle Grille. Note, I had yet to have coffee or food yet, so naturally, I am trying to look up the menu on the drive over. At the time I had no clue everyone in the car was panicking. Lone Eagle doesn’t open for brunch, but I didn’t know this yet.. Thankfully, I didn’t have enough service to get the page to load and just let it go.

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Incline Village, Lake Tahoe

When we got there and saw the restaurant wasn’t open for another hour, they persuaded me to go down to the bar on the pier. As we came around the corner to the beach, Brennan grabbed me and yelled: “look a fish!”. As I turned around to say “there is no fish” he was already down on one knee. To my surprise, our puppy, Bailey, came running down the beach to us & as I looked up I saw my family, his parents (who surprised us!), our best friends, and our friend/ videographer, Kyle! I could not believe how many people were in on the surprise. We spent the day out on the boat celebrating with everyone and had the best time. It was so incredibly special.

Looking back, I cannot believe I didn’t put it together. The day before we left, my best friend, Katie, came over to borrow my camera. I am a wedding photographer and she wanted to borrow my camera to take pictures of her nephew, but thankfully, she was really borrowing it to capture our proposal. I am still shocked and so happy I was so surprised and never found out!

Our Video

Special Thanks

Kyle Mize
 | Videographer