Madison and Brandon

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How We Met

Brandon and I met over three years ago through mutual friends at a country swing dance festival. Brandon, a cowboy from Michigan was new to the area and caught my eye the minute I saw him walking through the parking lot. Regardless what your friends tell you, love at first sight is real. His smile and energy is heartwarming and his single dimple is to die for. All night long I was longing to dance with him, finally in the last 30 minutes he asked me to dance. We danced until the end, talking about our families, favorite music, school, and careers. I knew then, I was going to marry this man. Who would have thought, a city girl from Phoenix and a country boy from Michigan.

how they asked

After dating three years I had to relocate to Colorado for graduate school. The distance was going to be hard, however we knew we can do this and would be just fine. That October, Brandon was going hunting for his birthday weekend and I was going to have a girls weekend with my best friend Laurasia. Little did I know my other best friend, Rebecca was on the plane with her! I drove them to my apartment talking a mile a minute about all we would do this weekend, jokes on me. That morning, way too early, Laurasia woke me up with Starbucks, donuts, and a blue rose. A little side note, I have wanted blue roses at my wedding since I was five. Rebecca had a note saying “Madison, Today is the day. Get dressed and go grab breakfast with your girls”.

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When we arrived at breakfast there was my second surprise, MY MOM! My mom was at the table holding another blue rose, all the way from Arizona. To say I was ecstatic was an understatement. This note said “I hope you enjoyed breakfast, you can’t do this without your nails done!” So, off to the nail salon we went! There was surprise number three, my sister and another blue rose. This one said ” I’ll meet you at Cherry Creek, see you soon”.

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Before I knew it I was walking down a quiet path surrounded by fall colors, hearing OUR song in the background, and staring at my cowboy. Tears broke loose as we embraced and before I knew it he was down on one knee. I wish I could remember what he said, I wish I could have seen clearly through the tears, but in the end, I finally was going to marry my best friend.

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Special Thanks

Laurasia Rosso
 | Photographer