Madison and Brady

How We Met

Brady and I met for the first time (although he doesn’t remember) in grade 8. He and his friends were sitting beside my group of friends and I overheard him talking about how he had forgotten to bring a lunch. Looking over at him, immediately thinking he was cute and wanting to help, I offered him half my sandwich and a small bag of popcorn. Looking surprised and touched, he politely declined before I insisted and he gratefully accepted. Although it was a very brief interaction, I like to think of it as fate setting us up for our future together.

The next time I met Brady was on the first day of grade nine in my first period math class. Already dreading that I had to begin the day with math, and not knowing anyone in my class, I said a quick prayer for a familiar face, and there he entered the class immediately! Without actually knowing him, I already felt immediately more comfortable, with my spirits lifted (an effect he still has on me today). While he didn’t sit next to me on that first day, the teacher assigned seats on the second day, and as you can probably guess, we were paired with each other. Brady was easy to talk to, a good listener, outgoing, hilarious, and drew me out of my shell in a way that I could only be with him. We had an instant connection that I’ve never experienced with any other person, we just fit! From that day on we were nearly always together, whether it was having our weekly ‘milkshake fridays’ after school, to walks in the forest, to movie marathons and pool parties.

However, I didn’t agree to go out with Brady for fear of risking our friendship or making it awkward. Four months into our friendship Brady told me he was in love with me and had been since we met. He claimed that he was going to marry me someday and that he would wait as long as it took for me to accept that we were meant to be more than friends. I knew though, and had always told myself that if I agreed to date him, that that would be the end of it. We would end up together some way or another (and I was way too young to determine the rest of my future love life, I told myself). But he kept his promise and waited for me for three years until I was ready for a real relationship and realized there was no better fit for me than him – I could no longer deny that I loved him just as deeply, so I finally accepted that date (third times the charm, everyone)!

The rest, as they say, is history! We have done long distance, weathered through many trials both individually and together, but mostly we have grown with one another. He has been everything from my rock, my equal, my shoulder to cry on, my high school sweetheart, to my bug exterminator – so I am overjoyed to finally call him my fiancé and future husband!

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how they asked

The day began in a normal fashion, with me having a coffee with a few girlfriends and getting ready to have a nice dinner with Brady for a date night. He took me to a fancy new restaurant in our city, and after the delicious meal we decided to go for a walk in a beautiful park downtown. It was a little after sunset when we were walking alongside the stream, and after pointing out the swans in the water, light caught my eye from between the trees on the other side of the water where I could make out the outline of a big beautiful white gazebo (I absolutely love gazebos). I wondered out loud what the light was since I hadn’t put my glasses on, and Brady shrugged and suggested we check it out. He did it so casually I didn’t even think twice that he could have something to do with it. As we crossed the bridge to get to the gazebo, I realized the light was candles. It suddenly clicked that he had rimmed the whole gazebo with beautiful candles! I turned to Brady eyes wide and mouth agape as he only chuckled and led me to the centre of the gazebo.

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Standing there he told me he wanted to play a three rock game with me. I was confused but also excited, so I listened as he told me to close my eyes and stick out my hands. I opened my eyes to a rock with glued on googley eyes and pipe cleaner ears (when we were younger we shared an inside joke where I said I wanted a cat but couldn’t have one and so he made me a cat rock which he claimed would be much easier to take care of, and I kept it for keepsake). He talked about how the rock represented our past and our friendship, and said a lot of very sweet things about that (honestly, in shock and overwhelming joy, I hadn’t heard everything he said). Then he told me to close my eyes again and in my hands he placed my promise ring that he had given me for our one year anniversary (which he very sneakily slid it off my hand the day of and had me nearly in tears during the day when I noticed it missing from my finger). He told me how it represented our present, where we had overcome a lot of things, but had remained a part of each others lives as best friends and the loves of each others lives. One final time he told me to close my eyes and keep them closed until he was done talking. In my hand he placed the box, and after telling me how this represented our future and the promise he is making to love me forever, to honour our relationship, and always work to keep me happy, healthy, and safe, he told me to open my eyes and asked to marry me! Which of course I cried yes to repeatedly! To make it even better, my mother came out of the bushes crying and congratulating us as well!

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It was perfect, personal, and beautiful. I couldn’t have thought of a better proposal for me myself.

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