Madison and Boyd

How We Met

We first met on a, believe it or not, double blind date! We had a mutual friend that wanted us to meet and she really hit the nail on the head. We had about a 3 hour wait at a local restaurant on Shem Creek, Saltwater Cowboys, which really allowed us to talk and get to know one another. Here’s where the story gives a representation of our relationship as a whole. About an hour and a half in to our wait, I realized she left her keys in the Uber! We had to call and call to get the guy to pick up the phone and finally he did! He said that I could come by his house and pick them up later that evening. Well, that wasn’t going to work with Boyd since he has an older sister and didn’t feel like that was safe. After dinner, he drove me to this gentleman’s house and retrieved the keys which allowed the two of us to talk even more and build our relationship. I still think he “got lost” on purpose!

How They Asked

It was an absolute surprise and everything worked out perfectly! One of my best friends from Rhode Island came down that weekend just to “visit” and the night before Boyd proposed he played a big with his band, Gritty Flyright. His parents live locally so they were there that night and it wasn’t a rare thing to me. The next day, we planned on showing my friend one of our favorite spots, Pitt Street Bridge and Boyd insisted that we bring our dog, Jake. After a little walk, Boyd pulled me aside, got down on one knee and asked me to be his wife! He also had a name tag made for Jake that said “Will you marry us?”! I was so excited and then I realized that his sister was hiding behind a tree taking pictures for us. Then, to top it all off, Boyd got my dad, aunt, grandmother and our friends to surprise me for dinner where we first met, Saltwater Cowboys! It was the perfect day.



Special Thanks