Madison and Anthony

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How We Met

Anthony and I met when we were 12 and 13 years old. We were in the same middle school class and would always smile back and forth, but being as middle school kids are, we were too afraid to talk to each other. One day in class he overheard me telling my friends that I was auditioning for the middle school musical, “Alice in Wonderland.” Suddenly, he took an “interest” in the theater and decided to audition as well. Next thing I know, him and I had been randomly cast as the White King and Queen! We quickly became inseparable, doing absolutely everything together through the years. We wound up dating all through middle school and high school. Every school dance, sports event, bonfire at friends’ houses- we experienced all of it together. We were so in love, well beyond puppy love. But when I went away to college and he stayed home for school, life got hard and took us in different directions and we painfully decided to go our separate ways.

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We eventually lost touch as we tried to navigate the world on our own. In the years we were apart I had a beautiful son, Logan. But eventually I found myself moving back to my hometown as a single mother. That’s when our paths crossed again. The moment I saw Anthony again after all those years, I knew my life was about to change forever. Just like when we were kids, we fell back into love as quickly as we had the first time around. I felt a kind of happiness again that I had only ever felt when we were young and in love, and I knew that he had been the one all along. Everything shifted into perspective the first time he met my son and I saw their instant bond and how much he loved him because he was apart of me. I knew right then and there that I was going to marry him. From then on, things only kept getting better and better as we became a new version of our old selves, this time navigating the world together as a family of three.

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how they asked

Months ago, I had asked a photographer and close friend of mine, Amanda, to take some family pictures for us in the spring. I had been meaning to get some updated pictures of us three to hang up in our house, as well as wanting full family pictures with my parents and siblings that my parents have been dying to have for years. I told her we would set a date when it got closer and didn’t give it a second thought. The day of pictures, the once beautiful forecast quickly turned into a 90% chance of rain. We decided to move the time up to hopefully beat the rain, but just as we arrived it started to downpour. I suggested we reschedule but Amanda suggested we take shelter in a gazebo off to the side of the park near the lake. The gazebo turned out to be beautiful and the cherry blossoms in the background were in full bloom, so we decided it would work perfectly since everyone was already there. We finished taking all of our full family pictures when suddenly the rain stopped. We decided to take some pictures by the lake in smaller groups- Anthony, Logan and I going first. We took some good shots and then I asked my sister if she wanted to go next.

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She said, “No, are there any other poses you all want to do?” And when I said I couldn’t think of anything, Anthony said “Here, why don’t you hold Logan in this one, because…” and got down on one knee! I immediately went into a whirlwind and the tears started flowing. I was in utter disbelief that this man, who had asked me to be his girlfriend 10 years prior when he was just a boy, wanted to make me his wife.

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With my son and family all there by our sides, I muttered out a “yes!” through my happy crying! I truly could not believe something so magical was happening to me, all at the hands of my future husband’s thoughtfulness and love. My sister pulled out champagne for us all to celebrate, and we popped the cork and toasted as the rain began to fall again.

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We didn’t even notice. In my mind, the sun was shining forever from that point forward.

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Special Thanks

Amanda Thomas
 | Photographer