Madison and Anthony

Madison and Anthony's Engagement in The Tower Bridge, London England

How We Met

We swiped right on Tinder back in October of 2015, after 2 days of messaging back and forth we agreed to go on a date. We met at a cute little Italian spot in my hometown, and we clicked almost instantly. I ended up hating what I ordered and when he let me eat off his plate, from that moment forward I knew I had someone special. Fast forward 4 years later and he is literally my best friend and my whole world. When we’re not keeping it low-key as homebodies that go on adventures to Target and trying out new restaurants we love traveling to new places and just being in each other’s company.

Marriage Proposal Ideas in The Tower Bridge, London England

How They Asked

On our trip to Europe back in August, we decided to take a walk to the Tower Bridge on our first morning in London. I had a perfectly curated itinerary that I decided to switch up the night before. I knew I’d be starving in the morning and afterwards we could go see the Bridge. Anthony was not amused with this change of plan. Anthony hates spontaneity and insistently badgered me to keep the original plan and being jet-lagged from the flight, I obliged him. Anthony wanted to make sure we dressed nice because he didn’t know how Londoners dressed and he didn’t want to stand out, so he convinced me to do this as well. So, we began walking…. 1.2 miles later in my brand-new espadrilles and a fat quarter-sized blister later we had approached our destination to find we couldn’t cross the street because of a cycling event. A few detours later we arrived at the bridge. We took same great photos and I didn’t want to go to the other side of the bridge to get some more. Anthony insisted we make it to the other side, because that is where “the optimal lighting was.” I followed him and when we got there, we began to set up our tripod. A man approached us and asked if he could help take the photos. After taking a few with our camera, he let us know that he could take photos with his camera and that he was professional photographer in the area and could send them to us via email later. Of course, I said yes, professional free photos are amazing! A few moments later when he was taking the photos, I didn’t notice Anthony get down on one knee and I continued to smile for more photos. I then realized something was up, and Anthony was down on one knee. Do I remember what he said? No. Does he remember what he said? No. Was I surprised? Yes. And of course, I said yes? The surprise proposal was perfect, we had over an hour and a half to take photos on the Tower Bridge at 9am in the morning with no traffic being able to cross. It felt like he rented out the bridge, but we were just very lucky! So here we are… still not sure If I said yes, but from this story you know the answer, it is 120% YES!


Special Thanks

Jimmy Cheng
 | Photographer
Liss Wright
 | Planning