Madison and Angelo

How We Met

Senior year of high school started with Angelo and I meeting after going to the same middle and high school. Coincidentally, we shared two mutual best friends for years prior to finally speaking to each other. I had always heard about him and knew who he was. Actually, I thought he was “the bad kid” and paid no attention to him other than that. He always claims to have had a crush on me and knew exactly who I was. That’s where social media comes in. Remember that “truth is” Facebook posts? Angelo “liked” my status and in turn, I wrote on his Facebook wall “We should talk more”. Angelo commented and gave me his number to text him. I never texted. Angelo sent me a Facebook message as a reminder that he had given me his number…and we hit it off from there.

We dated throughout our senior year, we got to do homecoming, prom, and graduation together. In the fall of 2012 I moved 3 hours away for my first semester of college and we took turns visiting each other at school and at home just about every weekend. I moved home in December after completing the semester and shortly after, we broke up.

Angelo and I spent about a year apart. We saw other people, found new and old friends, and eventually each other again. Growing up together is hard, but we did it!

Proposal Ideas Lake Weir, Florida

how they asked

Back in April, I was talking to some friends about going to a Kenny Chesney concert in Tampa. My friend Cathrine was down to go, and we were trying to convince Sarah to join. I started a group text with Sarah, Cathrine, and myself so that we could guilt her into coming with us the following weekend.

As soon as I sent the first message Sarah responded with a screenshot of another group chat. All I saw was a ring…in a box…in a truck…that was Angelo’s!?!?!


Before I could even process what it was, Sarah called me.

she. was. LOSING IT. She was crying, she was trying to breathe, and she just kept apologizing.

I told her she had to tell Angelo. I mean, this was completely his ball field and I felt like he had every right to know.

As soon as I got off the phone with her I called my cousin, Lindsey. Lindsey lives in Texas, so she was the first person I thought of that I could blab this secret to and not have to worry about anyone finding out.

So I call Lindsey as I’m pacing back and forth across my whole house trying desperately to get my shit together before Angelo gets home.

I’m pacing.

I’m panicking.

I’m losing my mind.

Sarah calls me back. She says she decided not to tell Angelo after talking to our other friend Becca and Cathrine.

I was quite literally losing my mind. Angelo was going to be home any minute and I WAS SO EXCITED. How was I supposed to act like I wasn’t ecstatic??? Naturally, (because anyone would do this, right?) I rushed to get in the bathtub and played it cool like I was relaxing in a bubble bath. No big deal. Casual.

Where to Propose in Lake Weir, Florida

Angelo gets home…I get out and talk to him a little. He asks if I was forgetting something.

Oh no.


“Are you sure? You’re not forgetting to tell me something…?”


I tried everything I could think of to act normal. My end game was to just fall asleep. Can’t be questioned in your sleep, right?

For the next month, I was the most awkward human being to live with. Every time a wedding or engagement came up on a movie or show we watched together…I freaked.

I was TERRIFIED that Angelo would find out that I knew his secret.

Side note: I am the absolute worst liar on planet Earth. I do not have a poker face. This was the biggest secret ever.

A few weeks in, Facebook kindly reminded us of some photos we had taken in high school. Our friend, Katie Cardenas (Katelyn Virginia Photography) was just starting out her photography business and used us as models.

Angelo suggested that we have her take some recent photos, I (of course) suggested our dog be in them.

I didn’t think anything of this.

Angelo had me contact Katie and find out about scheduling and pricing. I did and continued to not think anything of it.

Fast forward to the week of the proposal.

I was CONVINCED that it was happening.

My mom and I went shopping for an outfit for pictures.

We also got our nails done, which 100% should have been a red flag that it was definitely coming because my mom hates getting her nails done. She even asked me how my ring hand looked after I didn’t like the finished product of my nails and I didn’t catch on.

That whole week was a blur due to some serious family emergencies and high stress at work.

I went into the week with hopes that there was a proposal at the end and by Friday I was grouchy, exhausted, and convinced that I was being overly hopeful.

I spent the day Saturday cooking ribs for Angelo’s family. A really glamorous pre-proposal activity.

We went to Angelo’s parent’s for a late lunch and then headed home to change and meet Katie for the photo session.

When I say that I completely talked myself out of this happening that day, I mean I REALLY was not expecting it anymore even after anticipating it all week.

Right in the middle of photos, Angelo let go of my hands and got down on one knee with the most beautiful solitaire ring.

Now, remember how Sarah almost ruined the whole thing?

Angelo knew that I knew about the ring…THE WHOLE TIME.

The photographer was in on it. Everyone was in on it.

Following the proposal, Angelo surprised me with my WHOLE family and ALL of my friends (even the long distance friends that made me cry like a baby when I saw them).

So now we’re getting married in a few months, and I get a bunch of new brothers and a sister and I’m fresh out of hard secrets to keep.

Special Thanks

Katelyn Virginia Photography
 | Photographer