Madison and Andrew

How We Met

I work at a local coffee shop and AJ’s dad (a pastor) has been coming in for a couple years writing messages and I have gotten to know him really well. AJ started coming in a year ago. I always had a little crush on him but never thought he noticed me, I guess he did because he asked my coworker (a mutual friend) about me. When I found out, I turned up the charm. We talked one day after I got off work, for 3 hours! We went out within a few days and he asked me to be his girlfriend a week later!

how they asked

AJ’s family has been coming to Hume lake for almost 20 years and this was my first time! We arrived on Thursday and he planned to propose on Sunday. I guess any time I wasn’t around on Sunday, everyone on the trip (family and friends) were talking about how it was going to go down. He was going to propose in Kings canyon, but it burned in a fire a year ago. It changed to him proposing on a river trail we hiked but I got injured! Haha! They planned for us girls to get ready for “group photos”. We were waiting to eat at the snack shack and I had to pee so I suggested we order and then I run to the ladies room… He said “actually lets go on a walk!” So he proceeded to take me to where he used to catch frogs as a kid and tell me stories of his years at Hume.

We then started walking out on the dock and the whole time I’m thinking “I just told him I had to pee, the bathroom is not this way!” His bother and sister-in-law were on the end of the dock (they got engaged there a year ago) and AJ asked if they were reminiscing. His brother Caleb hugged me and sneakily handed AJ the ring behind my back. AJ and I continued down the dock as he told me every hear at Hume, he always felt like he was missing something every year because he didn’t have someone to share it with. He kept telling me how much he loves me. At this point, he kept hugging me and I could feel his heart beating!! He was also at a loss for words (and if you know AJ, you know he is never at a loss for words!). I don’t remember what he was saying anymore because my heart was racing and my mind was all over the place!

Before I knew it, he was on his knee asking me to marry him.

Image 1 of Madison and Andrew

I was speechless and started crying of joy! We started hugging and after a few moments he exclaimed “you still haven’t answered me!!” I said yes of course!

Image 2 of Madison and Andrew

As we turned around, our family and friends were cheering and making their way out on the dock for hugs and pictures! It turns out that they made a nice dinner for us and decorated the campsite.

Image 3 of Madison and Andrew

I started crying again. Best day of my life!!