Madison and Alex's Ice Cream Proposal

How We Met

Alex and I met our freshman year of college at Texas A&M. One day, I noticed a cute boy across the group from me in our Freshman Leadership Organization. I immediately decided I had to figure out who he was (there were 90+ of us in this club!). One day, after he was assigned to a group activity with me, I got a friend to introduce me to the mystery boy. We discovered a mutual love of hockey (he loved to play, I loved to watch), and then somehow he nonchalantly put his number in my phone to text him. About a week later (and after a week of building up confidence), I finally sent him a text. The Dallas Stars were playing in a couple of days, and I suggested that we watch it together. Lots of hockey games watched and an ice-skating social later, I was head over heels.

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Unfortunately, summer was around the corner which meant he was headed home (about 1,200 miles away) to Wyoming. Even though it was hard to be a part, when we were reunited I knew he was the one. If we could make it that first summer apart, I had a great feeling that we could make it through life together as well.

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how they asked

We’d been planning to go the lake for Labor Day weekend. It’s where we spent most of our weekends during the summer, but this weekend seemed like something was going to be special. Prior to us heading down, my mom insisted I wear a maxi dress for an alleged family photo. My friend also suggested mani’s would be great before heading out of town. These little acts all seemed a little odd…

When we arrived for Labor Day weekend, I was told that my parents had a surprise for Danielle and I. Again, odd, but I didn’t question it since it was for both of us. They insisted that we get blindfolded, so they could lead us to the surprise.

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Little did I know this was all a lie, and Danielle was totally in on it. She was never blindfolded, just me. I was then lead down to the dock with the help of my mom and dad. Danielle made a good act of it pretending she was tripping and stumbling. We finally (safely) made it to the top of the dock. As I waited in anticipation, my mom yells “This is something that you’ve been wanting for a looooong time!” I thought, could this be it?! Instead, I was un-blindfolded to see Alex and my brother-in-law holding fresh containers of none other than Blue Bell Ice Cream. Considering Blue Bell’s comeback (which was a HUGE deal in Texas) had been a hot topic in our household, I was pretty excited. Yet, something felt off.

I slowly walked over to Alex with curiousity. When I reached him, I quickly realized he had a different kind of “ice” in his Blue Bell container. In a few, short sentences Alex asked me to marry him. I was so excited, all I could exclaim is “of course!”. My face really shows it all. Pure shock and joy all in one. I couldn’t control the tears. I was so unbelievably happy, plus I was surrounded by my family which made it even sweeter.

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After the tears cleared, we had to take rounds of photos. My mom and sister made a million signs and cute things to hold.

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I’m so happy that I got to have this special experience with my family. I couldn’t have been happier to have them all by our side during this exciting time.

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I’ll never forget this special tub of Cookies’n’Cream. It made this a truly Texan proposal for the books.

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