Madisen and Tyler


How We Met

I met Tyler in 7th grade science class. I wouldn’t stop talking and it was really annoying him because we were learning about space. So, he turned around and said ‘shut up!’. I immediately couldn’t stand him. I thought he was mean, and he thought I was obnoxious. Over the course of the next four years we slowly became best friends and fell in love at 16. We stuck together through college and moved to Denver together after to endure the real world as ‘grown-ups’.

how they asked

Tyler planned out the entire proposal with one of my very best friends, Emily. It just so worked out that I walked straight into the scheme with ease. I planned a trip to see Emily in Arizona in November, and he decided that would be the time. He knew he couldn’t surprise me any other way, because we live together…and I have a tendency to be a little on the nosey side. I flew out to see Emily by myself, expecting a jam packed weekend of girly fun. On Sunday, Emily got me all dressed and had my nails done in anticipation of a fancy wine tasting. I went willingly, with no suspicions in mind! After the tasting we were supposed to meet her sister and sister’s boyfriend for a nice dinner. When we got to the house to pick them up, I saw the first sign outside the door.


It had the date Tyler and I met in 2006 on it, with 2 pink roses and a candle. I was really confused and kept asking Emily what that could be. She said she didn’t know, and that we should go see. I walked into the house and could see Tyler’s silhouette in the backyard through a large window, with the sun setting behind him. I was completely shocked. As I walked out to Tyler, there were 5 more signs with milestone dates on them, and the last had 11.06.16 on it.


Surrounding Tyler were little lanterns with candles in them and twinkly lights. I was so overwhelmed with surprise and excitement I can barely remember what either of us said. It was the most magical proposal I could have ever imagined.