Madi and Will

Proposal Ideas Conway, AR

How We Met

We met in class of our senior year in college. He got my number by the old “we are doing a group study session” trick and we started hanging out and slowly getting to know each other. He was a baseball player, and I was a cross country runner for the school, so on weekends when I didn’t have a meet, or late practice I would go watch him pitch at all of the home games. He asked me out about halfway through baseball season, and proposed back on the baseball field about a year and a half into our relationship.

How They Asked

He was visiting me back in our college town after not having seen each other for 6 weeks because of baseball. ( He’s a baseball coach, and so summer he is busy recruiting and coaching a summer league. ) We had gone shopping earlier that morning, but suddenly had to be back at my apartment so he could do a homework assignment. He then disappeared, and by the time I had realized how long he’d been gone my roommate who was out of town FaceTimed me asking me to check the back door to our apartment. She had said she thought she forgot to lock it. I went to check it, thinking it weird she was on FaceTime with me, while my other roommate was following me to the back door I noticed she was videoing me. At the back door was a mason jar filled with flowers labeled “first inning” and inside was a clue to go with my roommate to get our nails done. I knew immediately what was happening, and so off we went! Around town he had hidden clues each labeled as an inning of a baseball game around places like the classroom where we had met, or had special meaning to us. Coming up on the “ninth inning” he had told me in previous clues what to wear, and what time to be at the last location. The last location was the pitchers mound at the college baseball field, and on the mound was the “ninth inning” jar, some roses and an IPad with “click play” written on a sticky note. Upon clicking play a video started to play of pictures and videos of us we had taken throughout our relationship to Brett Young’s “In Case You Didn’t Know”… the last slide told me to turn around and there was Will on one knee asking me to marry him! Of course I said “yes!” And he pointed to the first base dugout where a hidden photographer was, and then the press box where our families had been hiding watching the whole thing!

Special Thanks

Layne Sargeson
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