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How we met

Our story starts when I was 10 years old. Mason’s family had just moved to my hometown, and I quickly became friends with his younger sister, Mariah. We were best friends for years, and I only really knew Mason as Mariah’s dorky older brother. It wasn’t until high school that Mason and I really became close; he grew out of his dorkiness, and I tamed my “Hermione hair,” as he so lovingly calls it. I was at Mariah’s house nearly every weekend, and since neither of us had a car, we forced Mason to be our honorary chauffeur. After countless Sonic runs and being way too noisy at our local Chili’s, Mason and I became close friends and I knew something was there. Unfortunately, we were both dating other people at the time, so nothing happened.

Madison and Mason's Engagement in Silsbee, Texas

The summer after he graduated high school, we were both single and hanging out more than ever. We could talk about anything, we had the same stupid sense of humor, and we were completely comfortable together. I was away at a youth convention when he called to ask me on a date – FINALLY! I immediately agreed to the date before remembering the other thing I had planned for that day – my dad’s family reunion. I told Mason about the reunion expecting to reschedule our date, but to my surprise, he said it sounded fun! So, the day that I got home, I got all dolled up, and Mason ended up meeting my entire family on our first date. We talked nonstop, and it was the best date either of us had ever been on! A couple of weeks later, we attended the community fireworks show with my family, where Mason asked me to be his girlfriend.

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how they asked

I’ve been reading proposal stories on since I was in high school, and when I became an editor, my already romantic heart saw proposal possibilities everywhere. Our friends were always teasing that my job gave me unrealistic proposal expectations that Mason could never reach, but we both knew that wasn’t the case. I’ve told anyone who asks that the beauty of each story is the happy couple getting engaged, and the details of every proposal are a reflection of each couple’s love. Of course the elaborate plans and romantic setups are incredible to see, but the best part is always the excitement in their faces and joy in their words. So even though I’ve read countless stories of other people’s proposals, I never had a specific expectation for my own fairytale. I knew that no matter how Mason asked me to start our lives together, my answer would always be yes.

Now on to the story! I’d be lying if I said I hadn’t hoped he would propose that night… And pretty much every other night we did anything remotely romantic. I wished for it when we went on a trip with his family, on every anniversary, and even when we were just walking on a nice day. As much as I wished it would happen, I knew it wasn’t the time. See, after my constant hinting and not-so-subtle teasing, Mason told me that we definitely wouldn’t get engaged until after Valentine’s Day 2017. And he said it so sincerely and reluctantly, as if I had just ruined a big secret, that I believed him completely.

A few months earlier, I told Mason that we should go on more “nice” dates. He agreed (a little too quickly) and said that we would go on at least three more nice dates before the end of the year: my birthday, his birthday, and Christmas. Both of our birthday dates had been planned in detail, but when the time came, Mason told me that our Christmas date would be at a surprise location, a fancy new restaurant about a half hour away. Honestly, I was a little irritated that he wouldn’t let me look up the restaurant to plan my outfit! I was searching for a dress until the day before our date when I finally gave up. Instead, I drafted a pattern and made my own dress just the way I wanted it. It was basically Project Runway, with my mom cutting my thread ends even as Mason drove up to the house. Unfortunately, I was so focused on sewing and fixing my makeup that day that I completely ignored my nails. Ugh!

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Mason had jokingly told me before that I would have to wear a blindfold to really make it a surprise… Turns out that wasn’t a joke. He made me wear this pink eye mask over my perfectly done makeup. I was not super happy, but I was so excited about dressing up for our date and taking cute pictures that I agreed to the silly request. We drove for about a half hour, and my normally talkative Mason was quiet the whole way. (His excuse was that he had to watch the GPS.) When we finally arrived to the “restaurant,” Mason still wouldn’t let me take off the blindfold. He got out of the car and told me to stay so he could check our reservation. Then he came back, said the restaurant wasn’t ready, so we should stay in the car. I was still getting over a really bad cough, so I wanted water and kept asking Mason if we could just go in. Finally, he said he would check one more time, and then he was opening my door to let me out.

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He led me across what I assumed was the parking lot, over a couple of steps, and then he told me to stand by myself for a moment. As soon as he took his arm away, I was so nervous from the thought of standing alone in an unknown place, and I literally told him to come back. He stood in front of me and helped me take off the blindfold, and immediately I asked if my eyelashes were still okay for our photos. (Priorities.) Then I saw the trees behind him, and I realized there was no restaurant. Instead, he had taken me to his grandparents’ house, where we had always talked about getting married… Cue the tears (and squeals)!

I was literally jumping for joy while he gave the sweetest proposal speech and got on one knee. He finally asked me to marry him, and I nodded my head while crying like a baby.

Suddenly I had the most beautiful ring on my finger from a gorgeous box he carved himself, and before I could even wrap my head around what had happened, it got even better.

He turned me to look across the water, where I saw a few of our closest friends filming, and both of our families were behind us watching the whole thing! We ended the night taking a few more photos and spending time with our closest loved ones. It was so perfect, and I can’t imagine a better way to start our forever.

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