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How We Met

Jarrett and I met at a mutual friends’ wedding in Amarillo, Texas on May 31, 2015. My matron of honor, Kacie, introduced us. Jarrett was friends with her older brother. After Kacie introduced us, we spoke throughout the night at the wedding reception. After the reception was over, Jarrett was going to leave when Kacie and her mom stopped him at the door and said, “Well, are you going to ask her for her number or what?” He felt encouraged and raced back inside. We crossed paths, he awkwardly asked for my number, I nervously gave it to him, he hugged me goodbye, and we left. Even though Jarrett was living in Amarillo and I was living in Fort Worth, we never went a day without talking after that night. Although I was slightly fearful of opening up my heart, my fears disappeared day after day as I got to know Jarrett and the sweet, kind, honorable, trustworthy, man he is. After about a month of getting to know one another over the phone, Jarrett drove down to Fort Worth to spend the weekend with me and get to know my family.

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I was so incredibly nervous, I can still remember the feeling of my hands shaking uncontrollably! But, the weekend went better than I could have ever imagined and I was so full of joy and happiness. A few weeks later, I flew up to Amarillo to visit Kacie (Matron of Honor) for the Fourth of July and spent twelve days in Canyon (a small town outside of Amarillo). While in Canyon, Kacie, her husband Brandon (Usher), Jarrett, and I spent everyday together. On June 28th, Jarrett asked me to be his girlfriend and we have been dating ever since. We dated long distance for nearly a year until Jarrett was offered a job in the Fort Worth area and moved closer to me in May of 2016. We are so thankful for the way in which the Lord was so faithful to us throughout the entirety of their relationship and we look forward to celebrating God’s faithfulness once again as we get married on June 3rd!

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how they asked

Jarrett pulled off a proposal that I will never forget. It was a Friday evening and Jarrett had told me we were going to get dressed up to go out on a date together to a restaurant of his choice as a surprise. He had this idea a time before and we both really enjoyed it, so it did not seem out of the ordinary that he thought it would be fun for us to do it again. Jarrett came to pick me up around 6 o’clock and we headed to our reservation. As we sat and ate dinner together, Jarrett seemed unusually quiet in comparison to the usual where we talk and laugh throughout the entirety of the evening. Don’t get me wrong, we still talked and we still laughed, but there was something slightly off and I could not quite put a finger on it. At the dinner table, Jarrett held my hand as we sat and talked and I also noticed that his hands were sweaty, which was also not usual for him.

Not thinking anything of it, I began suggesting movies we could rent later that night after we got home and Jarrett informed me that we had something else planned that had something to do with eating ice cream; I was not allowed to know the next surprise destination either. Shortly after we had left the restaurant, Jarrett pulled over and told me to put a blind-fold on. I was completely caught off guard; this was definitely not a normal date! I put the blind-fold on and we eventually arrived at our destination. Jarrett helped me out of the car and braced me as we walked together to the place where he said to me, “Count to 60, take your blind-fold off, and follow the lights.” Jarrett hugged me and walked away. After I counted to 80 (just in case I nervously counted too fast), I took my blindfold off and I was in the middle of a park with a lit screen on a picnic table a little ways away from me.

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I bent down, plugged in the extension cord, and a pathway of lights lit up guiding me to the lit screen down by the picnic table. I pressed play on the DVD player, and a video began playing that Jarrett had organized with short excerpts from many of our friends and family members about Jarrett and I together. The video was something I will never forget; I laughed and I cried happy tears. As the video ended, I walked around the corner to plug in the next strand of lights with tears in my eyes and butterflies swarming in my stomach.

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Another pathway of lights lit up guiding me to a pavilion that also lit up with the love of my life standing in the middle of it. I walked up to Jarrett, he said a bunch of sweet things to me that I do not remember, he asked me to marry him, and I said YES!!!

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To my surprise, the night was not over. Jarrett’s brother and sister and my brother were waiting down the sidewalk to congratulate us! Jarrett and I left the park, went to go eat ice cream at our favorite ice cream spot, and then headed home. As we walked in the front door of my house, we were greeted by many of our close friends and family members there to celebrate with us! I was overjoyed with love and happiness throughout the whole night! Looking back on it, I could not be more thankful for the time and effort that Jarrett, and everyone else, put into our proposal in order to make it one that I would never forget. I am so in love with the man who asked me to marry him and I cannot wait to begin life with him by side for the rest of the days of our lives!

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