Madelynn and Patrick

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How We Met

Patrick and I were introduced by our friends. My best friend, Kortnei, had known Patrick for years and at the time Pat was in the Fire Academy with Kortnei’s fiance, David. I still laugh thinking about the very first time Kort tried to tell me about Patrick… she said “Okay, you need to meet this guy Pat”. I was like “Who in the world is Pat?” I was not looking to meet anyone at the time and then she showed me a picture of him and I said “OH WAIT HE’S CUTE!” So naturally, I went and followed him on insta—duh! Weeks went by and I never thought of it again. Kort and I were out with friends one night to see a local musician and her fiancé, David, looked over and said “Hey Madelynn, Pat is on his way!” I looked at him confused not knowing who he was talking about and Kort quickly reminded me that it was the handsome guy she had been telling me about. He came that night—we talked for a while and hit it off! The next weekend we went on our first date and were inseparable ever since!

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How They Asked

My best friend, Selina, had gotten engaged the week before (so excited for them!!!!!) and Patrick had to miss their engagement party because he was working. I had the idea that we should take them to a nice dinner to celebrate since he missed it and he said, “Yes, let’s go Friday!” So I got with Selina and she suggested a dinner spot and said she would call and make reservations—so that was the plan. Friday morning Selina called me and said that our reservations weren’t until 8:30 and asked if we wanted to meet at Social Capital (right next to Scissortail Park) for a drink beforehand around 7:00.

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So Pat and I are pulling in to the park and Selina’s fiancé, Anthony calls Patrick and says they are over at the other side of the park because they ran into Selina’s brother. So Patrick is telling me we need to walk over to the other side of the park and I’m like ummmmm WHY? It’s hot, I’m in these platform shoes, why can’t we just go to Social Capital and they can meet us over here?

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LOL, He said, “No, just come on!” So we are walking through the park and when we get over the bridge he hands me his phone and said, “Hey babe, watch this video.” That morning he had pre-recorded a video of himself pulling out the ring and saying he was so excited for the day because he was going to ask me to marry him. Right about the time the video ended we had walked upon the beautiful proposal site that my mom and two best friends had helped Pat set up in Scissortail Park.

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He got down on one knee and asked me to marry him! BEST MOMENT OF MY LIFE. My talented friend Ashley was there to capture beautiful photos of our special moment! My two best friends and their fiancés were also there as they had set everything up for us! We took some photos and then went over to the Parlor to celebrate with friends and family as Patrick had planned an engagement party for us!

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Our Video

Special Thanks

Ashley Williams
 | Photographer
Shea (mom) , Kortnei, Selina, Patrick
 | Planning