Madelyn and Spencer

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how we met

Spencer is a year ahead of me at Baylor University. Upon my arrival at Baylor, he was a leader at Line Camp (a 3 day camp that the incoming freshman attend). He would tell you that on the first night he saw me from across the room and was thinking, “whoever has that girl in their group is one lucky son of a gun.” I didn’t end up being in his group, but we partnered with them so we ended up being around each other quite a bit, but we never really spoke much. He handed me a note on the last day of camp basically telling me that he thought I was cool and that he wanted to get to know me better in the fall. Smooth, right? Turns out, he left that camp and returned to his hometown only to inform everyone that he had met the girl that he would someday marry. Everyone sort of smiled, nodded, and moved on.

Because he had been stalking me on social media all summer, he knew when I arrived on campus to move in. Kinda creepy but we’re not gonna talk about that part. I had not even been there for an hour when I get a text from Spencer saying that he was “in the area” and going to stop by the dorms to welcome me! I met him in the lobby and found him in roller blades and a bright green shirt. A couple months go by and we become best friends. Then a couple more months went by and I became his girlfriend.

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how they asked

Fast forward two years and Spencer is now about to graduate. I recently got a job as a Weekend Warrior with DFW Events where I assist with events (typically weddings) on the weekends. In order for Spencer’s proposal to be totally unexpected, he had to get my job involved. They created a completely fake but incredibly believable event for me to work in Dallas at the Reunion Tower. I am from Dallas and over the past couple of years Spencer and I have always said that we wanted to eat there (but it was a little too pricey for two college kids if you know what I mean). So, when they ask me to work this event I was thrilled. I arrived to Reunion Tower, (fake) itinerary in hand. Little did I know, it wasn’t a rehearsal dinner at the top. It was the man of my dreams and my absolute best friend ready to get down on one knee. When I stepped out of the elevator in this mile high restaurant, my heart dropped.

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I saw the most handsome man standing there waiting to ask me to be his bride. It was a dream. If this wasn’t already the perfect night, he had planned a welcome party that was waiting for us back in Waco with most of our closest friends and family. I had never felt more like a princess.

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