Madelyn and Brandon

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Winston Salem NC

How We Met

Brandon and I met 4 years ago. I worked at the dance studio in downtown and he worked at the auto body shop across the alley. He had his eyes on me for a while (at least that’s what he said). He always came over to the dance studio and volunteered to do stuff for me like blow the dirt away from the doorway, lend a helping hand or even wash my car. I always declined politely. One rainy night in Roseboro when I got off work I noticed there was a ziplock bag attached to my car. It was attached by a piece of tape that you use to tape up cars to paint and it had a note inside on a piece of notebook paper. (Yes, he’s obviously smart to put the note in a ziplock because of the rain.

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Winston Salem NC

No other male would’ve thought if that) I got the Ziploc off the car and opened it once I got in the car. I remember exactly what it said to this day but just the first part said “Hey Girl.” He proceeded to tell me if I ever needed anything to let him know and he gave me his number. I was in a relationship at the time and was not interested, even though the relationship I was in wasn’t a good one for me. I saved the number because you never know when you really may need something. Weeks and even some months went by and we went on with our lives. My previous relationship had ended and all I could think about was Brandon. We snap chatted and we texted some. I would see him after work or maybe go out to dinner every now and then. Over the months, we just continued to hang out more and more and talk every day.

How They Asked

Just a little over 4 years later, here we are engaged and planning a wedding. I am so blessed that we crossed paths and I can’t imagine my life without him.

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