Madelyn and Alex

Wedding Proposal Ideas in The Space Needle

How We Met

Alex and I were set up on a blind date through a mutual friend. Our first date was to the Puppy Barn (I had been dying to go there, he was dreading it) the first week of Fall semester at Brigham Young University. After that night we saw each other almost every day leading up to our engagement.

Madelyn and Alex's Engagement in The Space Needle

how they asked

Alex came with me on a weekend trip to my hometown of Seattle Washington for a friends wedding. He had me convinced that the engagement wouldn’t happen for another month, because the ring wasn’t finished. We spent the day exploring all of my favorite spots in Seattle.

Madelyn's Proposal in The Space Needle

Marriage Proposal Ideas in The Space Needle

Engagement Proposal Ideas in The Space Needle

The last part of the day trip we planned to go to the Space Needle at dusk, to see the city from above. A friend of Alex’s was supposed to fly in from Salt Lake City to take pictures, but didn’t make his flight. While I was in the bathroom he ran around the top observation deck searching for the person with the best camera to get some photos of the engagement. (So lucky!!!) As we were out on the viewing deck, I turned around and he was down on one knee! There couldn’t have been a better place for him to propose. It was my absolute dream location. I was SO surprised.

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Last minute shots of our engagement