Madeline and Nicholas

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How We Met

We are both from the same small town and went to school together from Kindergarden until graduation from High School. We were acquaintances at best the entire time but it is such a small town that we knew each other pretty well. After graduation, I moved to Tuscaloosa, AL for college and he moved to Charleston, SC where we both started our freshman year of college. The summer after my freshman year I went on a trip to the beach with one of my friends for the Fourth of July. He was at the same beach with his family for their annual vacation. He found out that I was at the beach and asked me to hangout. That was the first time we really had a one on one conversation and we hit it off. After coming back from the beach we met up for a few dates before he had to go back to Charleston for school. During that fall semester we would talk a lot and really got to know each other. In October I took a trip to Charleston to visit him and during this trip we both had thoughts that this could last forever (we later confessed to each other).

how they asked

This Fourth of July I went with his family to the beach. He has a large family so it’s always chaotic and getting a few minutes alone are few are far between. One night he suggested that we go out on a date night just to spend a little alone time together. We both get all dressed up and before we walk out the door I notice there is a rip in my shirt. I go back into the house to change and thought it was odd how his mom and grandmother seems so concerned about what I was planning to wear on this date. We eventually pull up to the restaurant and get seated before he looks up and tells me that we are at the wrong place and we are going to have to leave. Obviously again very confused as to why this restaurant didn’t seem to be good enough for him. But none the less we get up and leave only to show up down the road at a different restaurant, where he seemed much more pleased. All throughout dinner the waitress and managers seems so nice and continually suggested things we needed to go see while we were here at their resort. One of the best places they said was their rooftop sunset patio, so naturally we continue on our way after dinner to the roof. As soon as we arrive up there he pulls me to the side and starts telling me all the beautiful things every girl wants to hear. I had been waiting for this moment for so long and asked multiple times if he was actually being serious. I honestly didn’t believe him until he pulled the most beautiful ring out of his pocket and dropped to one knee.

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After a lot of sobbing and nodding he turns me around to see both of our moms walking out towards us hand-in-hand, of course with the rest of our families trailing behind. It was the most simple and beautiful proposal I could have imagined.

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Special Thanks

Tabitha Corinne
 | Photographer