Madeline and Lachlan

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We met in high school. I was only fifteen when this cute older guy, with blue-green eyes, started to pay me attention. He was kind and funny and attractive, and I was hooked instantly. As “fate” would have it, we kept bumping into each other at group outings and parties. I’d be sure to ask my friends if Lachlan would be there. Over time, we developed a great friendship and started hanging out one-on-one. I discovered that he was amazing; so sweet and a true gentleman. (A rare find at that age!) He would drive me around and we’d be texting non-stop. Things started getting a little serious and it became common knowledge to our friends that we were together. And then things got complicated…

Lachlan wasn’t ready for any sort of commitment and ended things with me, which left me completely heartbroken. But it was during that time apart that we each walked out our own personal journey of growth and maturity. And I secretly hoped that one day, he might be ready to try again.

Fast forward almost a year, I was seventeen and finishing Grade 11. Lachlan was finally ready to give it another shot. We were talking more and more, hanging out again. Things were different and moved quicker this time. It was exciting to find that we both wanted the same things and we both knew it involved the other. We were ‘unofficially’ dating for a whole year, until I finally graduated from high school. Lachy took me to my Year 12 Formal and it was here that he officially asked me to be his girlfriend. Of course, I said yes! This is what we’d been waiting for. We’ve been together ever since, and we’ll be together forever.

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how they asked

Without having any idea, I ended up planning my own proposal… It was Lachy’s 23rd birthday and I’d planned a day trip for him in the Blue Mountains. As a photographer, all he wanted to do was to explore the stunning landscape and take photos. So I talked with his sister and we put the plan into action. Little did I know, that I’d just thrown a major spanner in the works. In secret, Lachy had been planning the moment on the Saturday in the Hunter Valley. After a few freaked out conversations between Lachy and his sister, he decided to roll with my plan and keep it a surprise.

On Saturday morning, Lachlan picked me up from my house, gave me a big hug and all seemed normal, perhaps he was a little extra emotional than normal. I presented him with his gift; a new camera lens and a card. He opened the card, where he found a photograph of us and a three-page letter. Lachy has always said he prefers letters over cards, because they remind him of the letters his grandfather used to write for him. So as he read the letter, full of all the things I loved about him, he started to cry. Which made me start to cry. A big, old emotional mess! We said goodbye to my parents and hit the road to Sydney. We picked up his sister, Brooke, from her house. She said she’d packed a last minute, stingy picnic for our lunch. When I went to look, she quickly diverted me. (This perhaps should have been an indicator that something was different about today… But I didn’t even give it a second thought).

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We road-tripped to the Blue Mountains, stopping in the little town of Leura. It was absolutely stunning. The streets were lined with trees; the gorgeous pink blossom contrasted against the deep blue sky. We walked down a small trail in hunt of some good photo opportunities and breathed in the beauty of the rolling mountains. We then headed to an old-fashioned lolly shop. The walls were lined with the largest assortment of sweets and I was literally like a kid in a candy store. After the lolly shop, we made our way to another lookout that offered a different view of the Three Sisters. We had our sights set on a big rock near the cliff face, boasting the best views of the valley. When we arrived, there were people sitting on it, so we continued walking a little further. Suddenly, Brooke declared that she left her phone in the car and went back to get it. We then noticed that the girls sitting on our intended lookout were moving, so Lachlan suggested we go over there to take photos. As we passed the two girls, they were smiling at me a little funny, and I thought to myself, “What strange girls!”

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Lachlan got into photographer mode and set up his camera on the tripod, with a remote control to capture some photos of the two of us. We stood in front of the camera, admiring the view and cuddling. This all seemed completely normal to me, as we’ve done this many times before. Lachlan turned me around to face the view and hugged me from behind. (I found out later, this was his well-rehearsed moment to get the ring out of his pocket). As we looked out across the incredible view, he whispered in my ear, “I love you” then he turned me around and kissed me.

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The next thing a knew, Lachlan was getting down on one knee, looking a little nervous, but with the biggest smile on his face. My heart stopped!

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“What are you doing?” I cried.
“Maddy, will you marry me?” Lachlan asked.
“Are you serious? You’re not tricking me again, are you?” I replied. He responded by holding up the ring, sparkling in the afternoon sunlight.
“Of course, I will!” I screamed as I threw my arms around him and kissed him!

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It came as a total surprise! All day, I had not suspected a thing. The ring was stunning! Everything I imagined it would be and I couldn’t stop looking at it. Then Brooke appeared from her trip to the car, with the ‘stingy picnic’, which turned out to be an incredible spread of champagne, cheese and crackers, chocolates and fruit. We sat looking over the endless view, dreaming about our future together, so excited that we get to spend forever together. And it was off to the most magical start!

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