Madeline and Jayden

How We Met

In 2007, when I was in year 9 at high school I was selected to attended a sports/leadership camp, whereby a small proportion of students from all around Victoria were chosen. This is where I was lucky enough to meet Jayden. At the time, it was clear that we got along like two peas in a pod – however, because we were so young we decided to be best friends. Beyond spending 9 weeks at the camp together, we returned to our normal lives, which meant attending different schools on opposite sides of the city. However, that never stopped us…. To the point that we would accumulated ridiculous phone bills for our parents because we would spend up to 3 hours on the phone talking about anything and everything. During this time, I remember we had a massive fight, which resulted in us not speaking for two months. I felt so heart broken and we weren’t even together… Eventually we decided that fighting was useless and we should meet up. On this particular occasion, I can still picture him walking towards me after not having seen him in what felt like forever… And all I can remember is thinking…. Oh my god, I am so in love with him… Jayden then declared that I was the one who forced him into a relationship, however 7 years on and we are even more in love than ever and will forever be high school sweethearts.

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how they asked

Jayden had told me that we were going out for a fancy dinner with his parents to celebrate me starting my new job. On that particular night we both got really dressed up and headed into the city to have a glass of wine before our dinner reservations. After having a drink, we walked outside, where a horse and carriage had arrived! I almost wet my pants with excitement! He pretended to negotiate with the lady (little did I know, it was already pre-booked) and then all of a sudden we got on and were trotting along through the city of Melbourne as the sun was setting. We then reached the Victorian Botanical Gardens, where the horses stopped and we were instructed to go for a walk through the gardens. At this point, I had so many butterflies, so I cannot even imagine what Jayden was feeling… He then started playing our favourite song ‘Latch’, Sam Smith (the acoustic version), which he then lead me over onto the grass where I could see 3 chalkboards lined up. On each chalkboard there was a significant date and memory from throughout our relationship, which all lead up to a rotunda that was covered in rose petals and a present waiting for me….

We walked into the rotunda and I opened the present, which was another chalkboard that said – ’06/01/2016 – Madeline and Jayden got engaged?’ And having hardly read what was on the chalkboard, I turned around to Jayden who was down on one knee, asking for my hand in marriage.

It was seriously the most special and magical moment of my life. No words can describe how overwhelmed with happiness I was. I was absolutely speechless at how perfect it was & how amazing Jayden is. It was a real life fairytale and I have my real life Prince Charming.

Following the proposal, we returned to the horse and carriage, where we were dropped off at a beautiful Italian restaurant overlooking Southbank, where we enjoyed pizzas and wine.

It was the best night of my life. One that I will get to watch and remember forever.

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