Madeline and Isaac

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How We Met

We met on Christian Mingle. Go ahead and laugh it’s okay, we do too. I didn’t have anything to lose so I just figured “Why not?” Isaac was only on it because he lost a bet, and he could only delete his account after he talked to at least one girl. Neither of us was very invested in actually finding someone so we’d just scroll through when we were bored. Then once when I was absentmindedly scrolling I came across Isaac’s profile and thought he had the most amazing smile. Plus I saw that he had traveled, and as a globetrotter myself that got my attention. Now, I wasn’t about to message him. My introverted nature panicked at the thought. But I went ahead and just “liked” his profile, then went about the rest of my week. Guys tried messaging me but I just wasn’t into it so I never responded or even opened the messages.

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I decided that after the one month I paid for ended, that was it. I was done. At least I sort of tried right? Then one very dull and quiet Saturday night my phone buzzed. Someone had messaged me but I only glanced at it. Until I realized that it was the really cute guy from a few days ago! I was so surprised! All that he said was, “Wanna play Mario Kart?”. I had put two things in my very short bio, that I was kind of a champion at the said game, and that I was obsessed with all things Disney. So our entire first conversation consisted of smack talk, opinions on Star Wars, and making sure the other wasn’t a catfish. We messaged for a little bit before he gave me his Instagram and we started talking through that. We were really enjoying talking to each other but there was a problem. I lived in California and Isaac lived in Nebraska. So I figured that we’d talk for about a week or so and then it would just fizzle out since we couldn’t actually meet. But it didn’t.

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Instead direct messaging turned into texting, then talking on the phone, and then to FaceTiming. We did that for 8 months before we finally met face to face when he came out to CA for a weekend. I was so terrified for that first date. All of the worst-case scenarios were running through my head but as soon as I turned the corner and saw him all of those thoughts vanished. It was as if we’d known each other our whole lives. He was even more handsome in person too. After that visit, we decided that despite the distance we both wanted to pursue a relationship. So we did the flying back and forth thing for a while before I packed up my stuff and moved halfway across the country. We went from living 1,397 miles apart to only 1.5 miles. Leaving my job and all of my friends and family was so hard. It was definitely the biggest leap of faith that I had ever taken but I knew without a doubt that it was what I was supposed to do.

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How They Asked

Fast forward five months. We’ve settled into a routine, I love my new job and my house, I’ve made great friends and I’m surviving my first midwestern winter. Everything was normal so I wasn’t suspicious when Isaac said he wanted to take me out on a date. After dinner, he told me had a surprise for me. He’d been helping a friend work on his house in exchange for a private showing at the old downtown theater of my all-time favorite movie “The Nightmare Before Christmas”. I was so excited I was almost crying! And since he told me exactly what the surprise was I didn’t think it was going to be anything bigger. We get to the theater and got popcorn and everything then walk down to our seats. He tells me he’ll be right back so he can tell them to start the movie. Moments later the curtains over the screen open and music starts playing. Now I know the Nightmare Before Christmas soundtrack by heart and I knew that that wasn’t the music.

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Then I hear Isaac’s voice reading a love letter written entirely of Disney quotes while it plays on the screen at the same time. It cuts to him outside the theater hugging both of our parents before he walks inside. I was absolutely sobbing the entire time so when the video ended and he stepped out on the stage I could hardly catch my breath. He helps me up the steps where he gets down on one knee, pulls out the most gorgeous ring I’ve ever seen and using one of Jack and Sally’s quotes he asks me to marry him.After the ring was on my finger and I had kissed him at least one hundred times, we walked back out into the lobby where our parents were waiting. From there we went to my favorite local coffee shop where they had set up an after-party with all of our friends as well as a Nightmare Before Christmas cake. The entire night was even better than I ever could’ve dreamed. I get to marry the man I have prayed for. My best friend.

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