Madeline and Evan

Madeline's Proposal in New Orleans, Louisiana

How We Met

Are you all familiar with Linkedin?

Yup, can you believe that the popular networking site brought us together! Evan was on the hunt for a new job and had just signed up for Linkedin Premium! The minute he did that, one of the first notifications he had was “Wish Madeline a Happy Birthday.” He took one glance at my picture and looked me up on Facebook to see if I was single.

Engagement Proposal Ideas in New Orleans, Louisiana

I was TOTALLY single and he messaged me. I was a little hesitant to respond, I don’t really do DM’s but I had just finished reading Shonda Rhimes’ book “A Year of Yes” and decided to give it a shot. what happened next was BOLD. He asked me out on Valentine’s Day! Again, a little hesitant but decided to say YES and it was the best decision I ever made. Thanks to LinkedIn, Shonda & Fate for bringing us together.

Where to Propose in New Orleans, Louisiana

How They Asked

The proposal was perfect. His dad is a member of The Bunch Club in New Orleans. On the Friday before Mardi Gras, the members of the Bunch Club and their invited guests celebrate the carnival season with music, dancing, refreshments, and revelry.

I was invited to go and he knew that this would be the perfect place to pop the questions since I would be dressed up and the majority of his family would be there.

Wedding Proposal Ideas in New Orleans, Louisiana

He also invited my mom to be there, which should have tipped me off but it for some reason, it didn’t. We arrived at the ball and I was so excited to be there. We both looked amazing!

About an hour into the ball, he grabs me by the hand and hugs me (again, I had NO clue) and he starts telling me how much he loves me. This is not uncommon because he does things like that all the time.

Then, he breaks away from the hug and gets down on one knee and I was literally blown away. I immediately started crying and was in such shock that I didn’t even realize the 60+ people that were surrounding us.

It took me about 3 minutes for me to say YES (and you can imagine how long that felt for Evan). After I said yes, I noticed that not only was my mom there but he also invited our best friends and my brother! I could not hold back my tears!

After the proposal, the band announced our engagement and invited us to dance in the middle of the dance floor to John Legend’s “All of Me.”

And now, we are planning our destination wedding for august 8, 2020 in Antigua Guatemala.