Madeline and CJ

How We Met

We met in Plymouth, MA, and had our first date soon after at the waterfront in Plymouth, taking in the jetti, visiting the Jenny gristmill park, and eating at the famous Cabbyshack restaurant. What was supposed to be a lunch date turned into us hanging out and talking all day, walking around the entirety of downtown Plymouth and the waterfront, eating ice cream, and eventually going to White Horse beach to watch the sun set. It was getting late, so we decided to head home although neither of us wanted to! Suddenly, even though it was a random Wednesday in June, fireworks started going off right tin front of us. I knew in that moment that God was trying to tell me “THIS IS THE ONE!” in the most obvious way he could!

how they asked

The whole week leading up to the proposal I was getting very suspicious! CJ seemed very nervous, treated me to a manicure for no reason, and asked to go to my parents house for lunch that weekend. We had planned a date at the waterfront for Sunday, so I asked my mom if we could have lunch at their house beforehand since it was in our way. We had a great lunch with my parents, my brother, and my grandmother, who had just made it through two back surgeries and ten weeks of recovery. On our way out, CJ “forgot” his phone inside, and I waited in the car (come to find out he was asking my parents for their blessing which my grandma got to witness!). We made our way down to Plymouth, and CJ suggested we stop into the Charlie Horse in Kingston for a drink, to surprise my sister who is a waitress there.

She was all smiles, but I figured she was just happy to see us! Finally, we made it down to Plymouth. CJ suggested we go walk the jetti, and as we walked began talking a lot about our first date there. In fact, from that point forward, he recreated our entire first date. We walked in all of the same spots, got ice cream from the same shop, and made our way to the gristmill park where we had our first real kiss. after talking some more about how far we’ve come since that first date, CJ pulled me up from the bench we were sitting on to the grass in the middle on the park, where surrounded by a huge audience, he asked me to marry him!

Image 1 of Madeline and CJ

After saying YES, I saw my sister and my two best friends run out of the bushes where they had been hiding taking pictures. It was so special that they were there, and even more special that they captured the moment so we can enjoy it for the rest of our lives! I was so surprised! We ended the night by returning to the restaurant we ate at on our first date, the Cabbyshack!

Image 2 of Madeline and CJ

Image 3 of Madeline and CJ

Image 4 of Madeline and CJ