Madeline and Aaron

How We Met

While I don’t remember the moment when I met Aaron, it must have been at snack or at over a box of crayons on the first day of kindergarten.We were friends from there out. We had play dates at his family’s farms and once our mom’s even took us to the zoo. I had such fond memories of him and I knew I liked him. But one day in fourth grade he moved and I was sure I would never see him again. I often wondered if he thought about me after that because I sure did think about him. It was not until I was a freshman at James Madison University in Virginia that we reconnected on Facebook. He was going to be transferring and had some questions about the school. Soon after in the summer of 2012 we started dating.

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how they asked

Aaron surprised me with a walk down memory lane by taking me on a tour of our old elementary school building. It is a private school now with pretty high security with who they let up to the building. We pulled up to the building and Aaron just hopped right on out and walked up to the door. I was so frustrated. Working with kids myself I knew this school was not just going to let two young kids in wanting to go on a tour just because they went to school there. As I sat in the car with my arms crossed he came to the passenger door and opened it. He said get out of the car someone opened the door to the school for us. I was shocked. I walked in with him pretty skeptical, but I was immediately introduced to a family friend of Aaron’s. Now with Aaron, this was not a surprise that he would just happen to know someone who worked here, the guy knows everyone. We toured the school and talked about our classrooms and all the changes. We talked about small stories we shared, we took a few pictures here and there. After being around inside Aaron said we would go outside to see the playground before leaving. Every child’s favorite place during their elementary years.At the playgroundwe reminisced about the many memories we had. Then suddenly my sweet confident boyfriend turned into a nervous wreck as he grabbed my head and simply said I love you we had a lot of memories but I want memories with you for the rest of my life. Then that is where he then asked me to marry him! This boy is sweet, kind, so hard working
and has had my heart for as long as I can remember. The adventures we have had have been incredible and we have grown so much together..literally. God put the love of my life in my kindergarten class 18 years ago in a small town called Arcola.

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