Madeleine and Matthew

How We Met

My roommate and I were hosting an ugly Christmas sweater party and after meeting online, I had invited Matthew to stop by if he wanted. Having not met in person yet, I did not expect him to show. But he did and quickly became the life of the party! We laughed and talked all night. It was the holidays so I had plans to visit family and so did he. We didn’t see each other again until New Year’s Eve when he relentlessly inserted himself into my plans with friends. Again, we had another amazing night talking and dancing the night away. After that night, there was hardly a day that went by where we didn’t see each other. I knew I had found a man I could spend the rest of my life laughing with.

How They Asked

I grew up traveling to France once a year and had always wanted to show Paris to Matthew, as its one of my favorite places on Earth. We planned a trip to Europe in October of 2018 to visit London and Paris, each for a few days. The first day in Paris, Matthew told me we had a reservation for dinner & drinks and needed to leave the hotel no later than 4:00 p.m. Walking along to our destination, Matthew was getting turned around using Apple Maps (something that happened often in London so I didn’t think anything of it). As we crossed the Seine, Matthew told me our destination was actually back on the other side, so we’d need to cross back and suggested we walk back on the Pont Alexandre III.

Where to Propose in Paris, France

Once we got on the bridge, he took a few pictures of me and asked if I wanted to take a selfie together. He raised his hand and it was shaking so badly, I knew it was about to happen! After he managed to snap the picture, he got down on one knee…

Special Thanks

Lindsey Kent
 | Photographer