Madeleine and Greg

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How We Met

Greg and I met in November 2015. He was a sign writer who I had hired to repaint our signs at work. They were painted incorrectly and I had to tell him this, I was extremely nervous. Not long after that awkward moment I was out having going away drinks with a friend and my brother turned up with his mates, greg was in this group! We talked and clicked automatically. The next day he asked me on a date (the day before valentines day) and from there he continued to take me out on adventurous and romantic dates. One week later I had a horse riding accident which meant I had to have emergency surgery to save my life. He met my parents in ICU and visited me every night with dinner in hand. He looked out for me fromthe day he met me. He loved me even though I was so broken and struggling with my health.

how they asked

We went on our first international holiday together to Hawaii for three weeks. We’d been in Hawaii for 1 week and we walked down an old volcano called Lanai, as we walked down the volcano to the furtherest point that looks out upon the Pacific Ocean there was one man there taking photos, greg walked up to him and asked him to take a picture of us. After a few pictures I started to walk back to the man and Greg said: “hold one, just one more picture please mate”. I turned around to find him down on one knee with a gorgeous ring he designed in hand.

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We were both speechless. I burst into tears and he slide the ring onto my finger. We turned around to see a whole bunch of tourists on the top of mountain cheering for us. By far the best holiday trip that I will never forget.

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