Madeleine and Clayton

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How We Met

We Clay and I met- on Tinder! From our very first date I had a feeling he was the one. I remember the exact moment I started falling in love with Clayton. We were sitting outside during an unseasonably warm October, and he reached over to hold my hand. Time slowed to a near stop, and I watched a beautiful reddish leaf float down towards earth over his shoulder. I was struck with the feeling deep within my heart that told me this moment, and this man, was special.

how they asked

My favorite memories of my relationship always seem to be tied into nature, the earth, the leaves, the rocks, the water. It felt fitting that our engagement story took place with nature. Both avid travelers, we are believers in being citizens of the world – engaged in the globe and not just our county. We started planning a trip to Peru in the summer, a country full of culture and mystery. My father spent the first years of his life in Peru and growing up I paged the photo albums with the colorful streets and foreign energy and knew I needed to explore it for myself someday. As with everything, Clayton was 100% on board and we spent giddy hours together sharing articles, travel tips, and resources we had found in order to plan our perfect trip. When the trip finally came, it was like a dream. We landed in Lima hungry for adventure (and ceviche!) and swam with sea lions off the coast of Callau, twisted and turned in the art markets of Miraflores, explored the ancient city of Cusco, and finally headed to Machu Picchu. In the early morning of our climb, at the top of our climb of Machu Picchu, in the Sun Temple, Inti Punku – as the mist was rising from the mountains and the sun opened up into the valley with the most astonishing view I’ve ever seen in my life, Clay asked me the easiest question in the world. I am so incredibly overwhelmed with happiness and love and joy at my indescribable luck to have found such an incredible partner in life. The most magical day with my best friend spent exploring a world wonder was the most amazing place to officially start the rest of our lives together.

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