Madelaine and Colin

Madelaine's Proposal in Lefrak Center at Lakeside Prospect Park, Brooklyn

How We Met

He was the first one to arrive. She got there late and last. He was already two or three pints of Guinness in by the time she swooped through the front door and immediately over to the far back tables set up for a mutual friend’s 21st birthday. They talked a little: not a lot. He’d later note that it hadn’t even taken those few small bits of conversation—tightly packed in amidst pizza, cake and a couple smoked cigars that we all passed around to celebrate—in order for him to be wrecked solid in love. He said, to himself probably, ‘I’m gonna get that girl no matter what I do.’ And the rest is history we’re still living.

How They Asked

It was a rainy Sunday and we read the paper until past noon. He convinced me to go out for lunch and I threw my hair up in a messy bun and kept my pajamas on under a big coat. When the driver went past the restaurant I was sure we were just lost, but then the car stopped right in front of Prospect Park and Colin told me we were going ice skating as my surprise Christmas gift.

Once we got on the ice, it became clear I’m not the best skater and we shakily made our way around the rink a few times. My favorite song started playing over the loudspeaker and I still thought it was all part of the Christmas present… then our song came on and Colin “fell”. When he got up I saw the ring in his hand and was completely shocked! Of course, I said yes. We got off the ice and went to celebrate with champagne and fries. The rest of the day was a big happy blur.

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Lefrak Center at Lakeside Prospect Park, Brooklyn