Madelaine and Beau

Madelaine and Beau's Engagement in Las Vegas - at the Bellagio

How We Met

We like to tell people we met through mutual Northwestern University connections. We’re both Wildcats, so that certainly was an initial connection for the two of us. It was not, however, the way we were introduced. Beau had lived in Nashville for nearly a decade, and I had been living in Tennessee to study music business for roughly six months. Beau hadn’t been in a relationship since moving there from Los Angeles, and I had just ended one that wasn’t headed in the right direction.

Proposal Ideas Las Vegas - at the Bellagio

Both of us decided to sign up for the dating app Bumble, which nowadays is almost the equivalent of walking into a bar and expecting to meet the love of your life. In all likelihood, we were both going to have some fun dates with a bunch of people, with no real relationship resulting from the long and unfulfilling conversations (this might resonate with anyone with dating app experiences). Once we matched, however, it was clear that we needed to meet in person, which is exactly what we did only two days later.

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Las Vegas - at the Bellagio

On St. Patrick’s Day, 2017, we met at a local breakfast shop near to my apartment. What was supposed to be an hour-long coffee date turned into nearly four hours of conversing, laughing, and making plans to see each other again? Within the first week of knowing one another, we had gone for drinks, taken a hike at a nearby lake, cooked dinner together, and even went to see Beauty and the Beast. We both were amazed that such an incredible friendship and relationship could have started from one mutual decision to swipe right on an online profile.

The months that followed in Nashville were spent going dancing, seeing concerts at the Symphony, driving out to nearby vineyards, and weekend trips to St. Louis, Gatlinburg, and Memphis. Beau drove back and forth between Nashville and Kentucky while filming a movie to surprise me and my dog Leo for his first birthday. I left for a job in New York City in August of 2017, which was the beginning of nearly ten months of long distance dating. Somehow, we made it work by committing to visit as often as possible and, we knew, as we had known all along, that we’d make the choice to find and bring to life a new home together in the months that would follow my Northwestern graduation in 2018.

Our move to Denver was a huge adjustment because of work, but neither of us would have it any other way than what we’ve already experienced together in this new city.

How They Asked

Beau and I have been talking about marriage since Day 1. I specifically remember him telling me on our first date that he knew he loved me already, and that we were destined to get married and have kids. Sounds crazy, right? Somehow or other though I felt the same way. There was never a doubt in my mind that we would end up together, especially once we began spending nearly every waking moment of our relationship together in Nashville.

Needless to say, I knew I wasn’t going to be completely shocked when he eventually did decide to propose. Over our Christmas vacation in New York City this past year, we were shopping around some of my favorite boutiques in the Village and happened upon a gorgeous display of engagement rings. We had talked about buying one soon, but once we saw these, we figured it was as good a time as any to make the selection. After this point, I was beginning to prepare for a proposal, though I had no idea where or when it would take place. The only clues I received were “make sure your nails are done for the next few months.”

We planned a trip to Vegas for February to celebrate Valentine’s Day and my birthday simultaneously. At first, in the days leading up, I wondered if he’d want to propose there. I talked myself out of it though because he never would have traveled with the ring, and he was letting me make all of the plans for dinners and entertainment. So I believed it would be a trip like any other.

We arrived on Thursday night, and spend all day Friday walking around and taking in the excitement of Las Vegas. The only spot we didn’t see during the day was the Bellagio, but he assured me that the fountain show was beautiful at night and, if I wanted to we could come back to see it. I jumped at the idea – pretty lights and showy water displays were not a hard sell. We got ready for dinner and started our walk over. I was still distracted by the crowds and music all around us. By the time we sat down for drinks at Lago, he asked if I wanted to go watch the fountains since they were about to start. I said “of course!” and went outside.

I stood out on an empty patio with my drink in hand waiting for the show to start, when he suddenly emerged with a guitar in hand, singing the Elvis classic “Can’t Help Falling In Love.” I immediately broke down and couldn’t stop shedding tears. He’s a singer, from Memphis, and I hear him perform all the time, but this one was just for me, and it was perfect. After his song, he got down on one knee and expressed how much he loves me, and how he’s know since the very beginning that he wanted to marry me. To no one’s surprise, I said “yes!” The night was followed by an incredible Backstreet Boys concert and drinks! We’re both so excited about our 2020 wedding.

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