Maddy and Sid

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How We Met

We met 2 years ago at his fraternity’s spring formal beach trip! By the end of the trip he had asked for my number and our first date was shortly after that. By following July 4th sparks we’re definitely flying! In August he made me a wooden memory box with the quotation inside saying, “If only you could see yourself through my eyes then you would see how special you are” and asked me to be his girlfriend. Now that box is so full it could explode!

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how they asked

The week after I graduated from Appalachian State University (we both went there!) my family wanted to take one last vacation as a family of four. We had a blast the whole week and we’re planning to go out to dinner the last night. Earlier that day my mom suggested that her, my sister, and I get our nails done because it was raining and that afternoon my sister suggest that we take some pictures before dinner. As we were getting pictures on the beach, about to go, they suggested I take one of just myself which I thought was odd!

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As I’m telling them this I turn around as someone taps my shoulder and asks to get in the picture and it was Sid! I ask what he’s doing there and he gets down on one knee. Through my tears he tells me how two years ago we met on a beach and had a conversation he will never forget, and now he wants to ask me to marry him on a beach! We took some pictures, popped champagne, and have enjoyed every second of celebrating with family this Memorial Day weekend!

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