Maddy and Mike

How We Met

Mike and I met 4 years ago, spring of 2015, at Nationals Park. He was the in-game host for the Washington Nationals and I was a die-hard Nats fan. Before the game, the entertainment team would put on a pre-game show to engage fans. I was the lucky fan that day to play a game with Mike. I was swooned by his charm and humor and had a little crush from then on. He seemed to feel the same. A year went by of just being friends on social media until we met again at Nationals Park in May of 2016. I was an intern in the Entertainment Department then and he was visiting his old co-workers after moving to Toledo, Ohio to take a sports anchor job. We ran into each other and said I remember you and immediately hit it off from there. When he left he said, “I don’t know what it is, but there is something dangerous about you. I am in trouble.” Well, he sure was, he was stuck with me! We managed to date long distance for 2 years before we finally were in the same city and moved into together last fall. He is still the host at the Washington Nationals and I joined the entertainment team as a NatPack this season. Nats Park is our second home, the place we first met and started our love story.

How They Asked

On June 25, 2019, Mike set up a fake event at the park that I was supposed to work with him. I got the park and was told my co-worker had a family emergency and couldn’t make it so that we had to reschedule. Mike and I had plans to go to a happy hour next to the park with some friends after our event, little did I know that was all a set up too! We walked out on the warning track to exit on the opposite side of the park where “it was faster to our happy hour” as Mike said to get me to walk that route. As we are walking, he told me he forgot his sunglasses, typical of Mike… as I waited on the field alone, fiddling with my bags, I hear our song, ‘From the Ground Up’ by Dan+Shay on the loudspeakers and then a video on the big screen of the first day we met, funny videos and pictures throughout our three years of dating.

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I was so confused and was so shocked finally realizing, it is really happening. As the video is ending, Mike is walking up behind me on the field, says the most heart-felt and romantic things to me and gets on one knee… it happened! Meanwhile, our families were up in the stands hiding and taking video and scream when it is all over. This was the most amazing and special day of our lives. All the people we loved and the place we call our second home and started our love story. I can’t wait to marry this man.

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