Maddy and Luke

Maddy's Proposal in Indiana

How We Met

Luke and I met as a couple of kindergarteners when my family moved from Texas to Indiana. I started attending his family’s home church, and he was in my kindergarten Sunday school class. He was about to be 6 and I was 5. Since then, we have always been friends, growing up together in the same town, attending the same church, youth group, and high school. Throughout high school, we were friends, but I wouldn’t say we were best friends; he was more like a brother to me since we had grown up together. Towards the end of our senior year, he called me on the way home from one of his golf matches and stammered out, “What are you doing for prom?” Both single, we wanted to attend senior prom with someone we would be comfortable with, but be able to have a ton of fun with. Two weeks later, at Olive Garden, he asked me to be his girlfriend. After spending two years as boyfriend and girlfriend and making countless trips back and forth between our different colleges, we are now engaged!

How They Asked

Luke asked while we were out on a boat ride at one of the many lakes surrounding our hometown. We boarded the pontoon at his family’s cottage and headed across the lake to a local restaurant. We had called in our to go order, so we docked and went inside to pick up our food. We then went back out on the lake and sat on the floor of the boat to eat our meal, where Luke had set up the most adorable picnic of all time, complete with beautiful flowers, a little round blanket, and sparkling grape juice, as well as a card and country music in the background. I didn’t even think twice about the card, as he had previously told me this was our late celebration of our 2-year anniversary, since we had both worked on our actual anniversary day. We sat and talked, enjoying the beautiful day and the gorgeous lake around us. After we finished dessert, he handed me a card and said, “Go ahead, you can open this now.” I opened the envelope and pulled the card out.

He then gently took it from me and told me he wanted to read it to me. Again, I thought nothing of this, because he tends to be romantic and do stuff like this often. He began to read the card, and I sat thinking about how sweet it was. It wasn’t until he got to the part about being my husband and leading me in the footsteps of Christ that I realized what was going on.

He then opened up a small compartment under the wheel of the boat and said, “Maddy, I have a question for you.” Then, the love of my life and longtime friend pulled out a ring box, got down on one knee, and asked me to marry him. I squealed out yes and fell to my knees, and the rest is a dream!