Maddy and Cody

How We Met

Cody and I met just over eleven years ago when we were freshmen in high school biology class. On the first day of school, Cody and I were assigned to sit next to each other and we became friends right away. For the entirety of our freshman year Cody copied EVERY biology assignment straight from me AND to make it worse he ended up with a higher grade than me!

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Come junior year of high school two of our friends started dating and sort of brought Cody and me together. This time we became more than friends and I can still remember the morning before the first period when Cody finally asked me to be his girlfriend. He still talks about how huge of a smile I had on my face that day. I think it was pretty much the same smile I had on my face the day he asked me to marry him 9 years later at Horseshoe Bend.

How They Asked

Cody and I took a somewhat spontaneous trip to the Grand Canyon to test out our new popup trailer. The night we got there Cody told me he wanted to go to Horseshoe Bend to watch the sunrise the next day. Horseshoe Bend was about two hours from where we were staying so we had to wake up ridiculously early to make sunrise (of course I ended up complaining about this because I had no idea what he was planning).

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Anyways, we got in the car and started driving at about 4:00 am the next morning and I slept the whole ride, waking up about 20 minutes before we got there so I could change out of my pajamas (thank god he packed a bag of ‘real’ clothes for me haha).

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We parked the car and walked the short little trail to the edge of the Horseshoe where there were some other people there to watch the sunrise. Cody was apparently ready to start setting up the tripod when I asked two Australian girls to take our picture. They took our picture and then handed the phone back to us and when Cody saw the result he knew he had to do it right then and there. So he asked the girls to take another picture (and secretly told them he was going to propose).

We walked back out and Cody started to hug me and started whispering in my ear. Initially, I just thought “Cody, what are you doing? They’re trying to take our picture!”. Once I started to realize what was going on I can’t even tell you what happened next except that Cody was down on one knee and I had that same silly smile on my face that I had nine years ago. Perfection.