Maddy and Caleb

Maddy's Proposal in At photoshoot

how we met

We met in the 8th grade through mutual friends! I wish I had some spectacular “love at first sight” story, but nope, I first saw him on Facebook, lol!
Wedding Proposal Ideas in At photoshoot
Engagement Proposal Ideas in At photoshoot

how they asked

The proposal was a total surprise! It was a few days after Halloween and he told me we were doing a fall photoshoot with one of his friends to help boost his portfolio! It was all normal for the first hour or so. We went to the main beautiful area of the park and he started to say “So, there’s a reason why were here today..” and after that I think I just blacked out. I was so excited and so nervous, I couldn’t believe it was actually real! He told me I asked him if he was joking 12 times before I even said yes. It was amazing. I found out afterwards that he had went to talk to my whole family to get everyones blessing. It meant so much to me.



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