Maddy and Andy

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How We Met

We first met in high school at the first football game of the year on a Friday night. I remember the green shirt he was wearing and immediately got butterflies as soon as we made eye contact. We talked for a bit as he walked me to my car, but soon learned that he was “off- limits” as he was best friends with my older brother. A year later, I was surprised with a path of rose petals leading to a sweet note on the white board in one of my classrooms saying, “Formal?” There he was, with a bouquet of flowers. We began dating and I soon found out that he would be leaving for the Air Force Academy just a few months later. We knew that our relationship was already so strong and worth going through long distance for. There were times where we could only write letters or had no form of communication, but I never doubted that what we had was something special. When he came home two years later, we continued to grow our relationship and have now been together for 5 years.

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how they asked

Two weeks before he proposed, my friend Sarah texted me and asked if Andy and I would be available to do a couples shoot for her engagement portfolio, consisting of a romantic beach theme that would take place at the Montage Resort in Laguna Beach. I was super excited to take photos here because this was the place of our very first date, 5 years ago.

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Once we began shooting, it was filled with nothing but laughs and playfulness. When the sun was beginning to go down he grabbed my hands and looked at me, and in that moment I knew my life was about to change. He got down on one knee and asked the question that I had always dreamed of… “Madison Leigh Chapman, will you marry me?”

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In this moment I had not noticed that both of our families had swarmed the beach, surrounding the two of us. I was so overwhelmed with joy and excitement and could not have imagined a more perfect day.

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I soon found out that Andy had set up this shoot with our photographer ahead of time so she could capture one of the most special moments of our lives. Our night continued with an elegant dinner for both of our families. It was the proposal I had always dreamed of.

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Special Thanks

Sarah Pelichowski
 | Photography
Mike Soulopulos
 | Photography